Saturday, July 22, 2017


I had a bachelor party at a beach house in Hermosa Beach, California for a good friend of mine named King of the Beach (not his real name), and we met someone named Ivanna (also not her name).

We spent a lot of the week playing volleyball on the gorgeous beaches, bumming around the beach house, going to bars, and going to other bars with naked people, as is customary for the occasion. One night we are at a rooftop bar, and when we looked over towards the bar, one of the more mild-mannered gentlemen in our group was talking to a fetching leggy woman at the bar. He introduced Ivanna to us, and the first thing we noticed is that she is 5'11" and taller than me in heals. And she was absolutely loaded on the Bolivian marching powder.

Ivanna is a former model and singer (of sorts) born in Russia or some place similar and raised in Australia. And she absolutely loved us. All 10 of us men. Sure, it could be the endorphins in her brain triggered by the piles of cocaine she was doing in the bathroom, but we took it as just being great dudes and her good "mates." She said mates a lot. Here's the thing: She managed to be kind of charming even though she was talking loudly and a mile a minute.

The poor gal had just wrapped up a bad first date with a guy who only wanted to talk about how much money he made all through out their dinner. She wanted to go up to the bar for a drink, and he didn't want to go. At least I think that was her story. They got into some sort of argument, but most of us were guessing that she was way, way too high and the dude split as a result.

Ivanna told us that she used to date a guitar player who played in a high profile 1980's musician's band. She met a lot of famous musicians and other celebrities during that time. Sadly, guitar player boyfriend died. She brought her deceased ex a number of times, and I was getting the feeling that she was nowhere near over this event - and it seemed to be a trigger for her to want to drink and do more drugs. Oh, also she told us she was 42-years-old but looked and acted 22. I actually felt bad for her at times, but mostly I was laughing and having a good time at the outrageous things she would say - and I don't want to say I was laughing at her all the time, because that wouldn't be true. She was funny intentionally too.

But her singing was absolutely horrible. I think she said she used to be a back up singer, but I'm guessing they just had her look good in tight outfits, swaying back and forth with a tambourine and her microphone off. It wasn't all that loud at the bar, but she felt a need to lean in and sing loudly into everyone's ear. She had an affinity for the 1980's, so we instantly became good buddies. I remember her trying to sing lots of Foreigner and Hall and Oates jams, and when she found out my one friend was a singer, she tried to impress him even more. And the harder she tried, the worse she got.

She told me that she thought I was attractive and then motioned towards our respective genitals and pointed back in forth and said that down there it was going "woo! woo!" Like our genitals were carrying on some sort of intense conversation down there. I laughed and said that I was flattered but that I have a wife and a kid at home. Ivanna was very flirty. She told one guy in the group that he had "bedroom eyes," and he was eating that up. We called him Ol' Bedroom Eyes all weekend, of course. So, truthfully I was not all that flattered because she loved all of us. She kept saying how we were such great guys with good energy, but I think she just needed a friend badly - someone with whom she can overshare and sing songs to.

Ivanna told me that this wasn't her worst first date. She went on another one where the guy told her at the dinner table that he would like it if she stuck things into his rectum later that evening. She was offended and didn't see him again, but she admitted that until that point he had been pretty charming She may have indulged him had he been a little more patient. She said she does piles and piles of cocaine (duh) and she can get into just about anything in the bedroom with the right amount of chemical assistance. Let that be a lesson, gentlemen. Don't overplay your hand. You may get all the wonderful things into your butt that you want if you just exercise a little forbearance with your freaky-deaky requests.

We also had a random business man from France come into our crew and another blond woman from I-don't-know-where. Ivanna was the perfect scientifically proven element for repelling the stuffy tight-asses away with her loud shitty singing and drawing in the right types of people who like to have fun. We had to get to the next stop on our itinerary, and it seemed as if Ivanna was going to continue on with French man and blondy. However, after yet another trip to powder her nose, the two of them had opted to part ways with their third six foot third wheel* and sneak out while she was gone. Dejected but likely determined to find more friends willing to stay up until 7AM, Ivanna went out into the night. Alone.

Ivanna brought us a boost of energy and left a lasting impression upon us, as we were still discussing some of her awesome antics when we had a break the next morning in between volleyball serves. God love you, Ivanna. May you find the man who will help to get you at peace after losing your fallen love, and wherever you go, let it snow down coke in a good times establishment full of bedroom-eyed folks ready and willing to sing loudly and poorly right along with you. My first beer at today's Cubs game is for you, Ivanna.

*Six Foot Third Wheel is the best band name I have thought of in a long, long time.


mistress maddie said...

That is a great story.I would say it sounds like you may have had a narrow escape!!!! You can almost meet the most interesting people on vacations. On my recent vacation to Argentina, I must admit to being to being like her one night. I go all stupid and weak in the knees when if come to the men down there. One night I think my friend even hooked me up. I think he feared my humping him in my sleep again.

LL Cool Joe said...

I wish I met interesting people like that when I travel. Although as a dj I meet many, many drunk women who chat me up. They definitely wouldn't if they were sober.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Mistress: Thanks. Argentina men. I know your weakness now should we ever have a blogging feud or something. : )

LL: That is a good work place hazard. Enjoy all of them. Even the obnoxious ones. Some day we will be old and the drunk women will want nothing to do with us.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Well Ivanna is culturally 100% Aussie if she was calling you her 'mates'. I don't think any guy should ask a woman to stick things in his rectum until he's pleasured her until she's purring like a cat. Isn't that how it works with your good lady, Dr Ken?

E. Rosewater said...

take out an n or change an n to a k and you'll have a trump on your hands. how were ivanna's teeth? in my single days, teeth were at the top of the checklist.

Exile on Pain Street said...

Man, what I wouldn't give for pics to go along with this post. Where were mobile phones when you need them?

Mr. Shife said...

Wow, that is an awesome story, Dr. Ken. Sounds like quite the night. Thanks for sharing. I might have to toast Ivanna if it will help the Cardinals play better.

Kono said...

Having once been intimately acquainted with the Bolivian Marching Powder (or what some might call a multi-year bender) i can honestly say i've been Ivanna, sometimes fun, sometimes maudlin, always rambling on at a mile a minute with whatever was in my head the most important thought i've ever had, when i finally kicked that shit i was then acutely aware when i'd see someone on it and think to myself, shit that was me and want to punch myself in the face for being such a muppet, but still there were times when it was sweetness and light then Sunday Morning Coming Down...

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gorilla: I would agree with this guy asking for the butt stuff way too early. The cat-purring time would be the time to put in that request for sure. As for me and my good-lady and our give-and-take and requests and things, that's for another blog.

Rosewater: The teeth were not a problem from what I remember, but she was taller than me with heals. That would have been maybe a problem. Actually, perhaps being a drug addict was a bigger problem. Either way, I'm happily married so none of those problems are my problems. I can see a young Rosewater checking out a gal's teeth like he's buying a horse. I love it, buddy.

Exile: Pictures of females on a male bachelor party are strictly prohibited and you know this! Hahaha.

Shife: The Central division is for anyone to take. If Ivanna stepped in as coked up reliever, she could seriously turn the tides.

Kong: That's exactly why I've never done it. I see people on it and know I would be just like them only worse. Glad I successfully stayed away from that one, and now that I'm 40, I think I'm in the clear. Thanks for coming by. I'm going to do the rounds in a minute and see what you all have been up to.