Saturday, December 01, 2018

Oh The Stupid Songs You'll Teach Your Kid

I knew that part of the fun of having a kid would be teaching them about things that you're interested in, but I had no idea how fun it would be - or that some of those things would be built into daily routines. And of course like most every other aspect of my life, a lot of these daily sayings are references to songs that his daddy likes.

Whenever there is thunder outside I got Erik Noisewater saying "Thunder!" to the tune of "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. We can cue each other, actually, because one of us can say thunder and the other will say "oh-woah-woah-oh-wo-oah" and vice versa. Because he is so into vehicles like a lot of two-year-old boys, he has evolved it into "you've been . . . Thunder Truck," which is actually pretty damn awesome. Then if I say "Dirty Deeds!" he will respond with "done dirt cheap, and that one has evolved into "Thunder Jeep," which needs to the band name of a doom metal band coming to a town near you. 

Then we have a couple go-to songs during bath time. The other day I was in the next room while his mom was giving him his nightly bath, and I heard him saying, "And here comes the water!" I was laughing my ass off because that's something I say to him when I dump water on him to rinse off the suds and it's from "Fembot In a Wet T-Shirt" by Frank Zappa. Then when it is time to pull the drain up and get out of the tub I say, "Why don't you . . . pull the plug?" It is fricking adorable to hear your son sing death metal. 

He also likes to sing "Strange Magic" by Electric Light Orchestra. Another good one for him is "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon, where he can hit the "Aaaaooooo" when I sing the end of a verse thusly:

Little old lady got mutilated late last night
Werewolves of London again
Aaaaaoooooooooo Werewolves of London. 

I swear I don't even realize I'm singing these things with them, which is perhaps why the songs span across all sorts of genres. Recently I overheard Mrs. Noisewater turning to the page of Dragons Love Tacos where the dragons get into the spicy salsa and spit fire everywhere, burning the house down, and I hear "hell fire!. Mrs. Noisewater knew something was up. "Why is our son saying "hell fire?" She asked, but she knew it had to be his insane father. That's from Arthur Brown, a a goofball who was singing with a mask and spitting fire (long before KISS) with sometimes high pitched metal style vocals (long before Judas Priest). While the wide range of artists he would influence is nothing short of incredible, the end result of what he sounded like was at times comical, as it is with this song. This is why I laughed my ass off when I heard young Erik singing it. 

Arthur Brown's "Fire" is just about the perfect jukebox sabotage song. Any of you ever put a song on the jukebox that you know is super goofy and obnoxious just to see the reaction of the patrons? Or maybe it's one that you can't even stand yourself so you play it 10 times in a row and leave? I actually texted my good friend Haircut who recently moved away to give him the ammunition of using "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown" for the next time he strikes. What haircut does could actually be referred to as remote jukebox sabotage because he will be bored at home and with the Touchtunes application on his phone he will cue up a string of particularly shitty songs to play at a nearby bar. He scares me because this is the type of man who could become a computer hacker, someone who F's with people without even seeing the reactions of his targets. 

But I digress. 

Hey, sorry for the long break between postings. As far as what has been going on since anyone last heard from me:
1. I completed my second marathon, falling short of my goal of under 4 hours, but beating my time from when I was 9 years younger
2. We are still trying to skate one past the goalie for our second child and continuing to come up short. Tests for both of us look normal, so we just have to keep at it and hope for the best.
3. Tomorrow we are having a party where guests come in Christmas pajamas that will be loads of fun. When I was buying the caramel flavored Baily's that I want to slip in my coffee at said event, a dude slips two big bottles of booze down his inside coat pockets, looks right in my eyes and snarls, "Don't say nuthin!" I got my son riding in my cart and you're going to rob the place and threaten me? So I don't go to that store anymore. 

Okay, sorry to go out on that note. Didn't know I was going to talk about that. See you next time. 


mistress maddie said...

The way I see it, Erik is either going to be a rock singer in a band or a mechanic. Glad to hear the usual antics are going on!!!!

Exile on Pain Street said...

They are ALWAYS LISTENING. You have to be careful of what comes out of your pie hole because they'll pick up the unsavory stuff, too. They are sponges.

Yes, it's a blast filing them up with music. It happens organically. You listen, they absorb. My daughters are well-versed in the Beatles catalog.

Having sex specifically to procreate is about as romantic as a medical procedure. Don't ask me how I know. Just take my word for it.

Jon said...

Pull the Plug!! I loved that song. My best friend in high school had one of those Relativity Records compilations, and I think this one was called Skullcrushers, but it had that and some other great stuff like 'The Toxic Waltz'. You're doing good work there.

Kono said...

While this is all good when they are young believe me someday you will sound like an old man when you say, "what the hell is this shit?" I let the boyos listen to what they want but of course they hear all the old man's music almost constantly and we have in depth conversations about music, mainly hip hop these days cuz that's the age they're at, needless to say i listen to a ass ton of Jamaican dub and reggae and i'm waiting for the older boyo to ask that question, "dad, do you smoke weed?", at which point i'll put on the Butthole Surfers Sweat Loaf and laugh maniacally... for the record he did ask me if i smoked weed in Jamaica, i just smiled at him.

Jimmy Fungus said...

You are doing the world a great service by preventing another child from growing up to be a Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber fan

Michael5000 said...

This is pretty freakin' cute. Congrats on the marathon business. The fact that you're even trying for four hours means you're an animal.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Mistress: I'm okay if he picks either of those. Or both.

Exile: It's true about the need for procreating taking some of the fun out of it, but the funny things is that the more you hit it because you have to, the more you find yourself wanting to hit it for the fun of it. Doing it begets more doing it.

Jon: Did you know that 3 Floyds has an Exodus beer called Toxic Malts?

Kono: Butthole Surfers! That record coupled with all the Jamaican jamz should pretty much answer your son's questions about pot use.

Jimmy: If he likes stuff like Bieber, that's his choice. I'll just think a little less of him. Just kidding.

Michael: I'll get under 4 hours not this summer but the next one. For sure. Even if it kills me. Thanks for coming by!