Monday, October 19, 2009

Stuff That Kind of Sucks in the Mind of a Gancer

1. I don't dig on sorting socks. I'll fold laundry with no problem. As a matter of fact, I really, really like folding a shirt just right on the kitchen counter with some good indie rock on the stereo, but socks; fuck 'em. I just dump them all in the drawer and reach for them in the morning. Folding them would actually save me time each morning due to the fact that I have twenty-one variations of white socks and due to my colorblindness, it takes me quite a while to tell black from navy. Either way, I'm frantically pairing them up in the morning.

2. To hell with eating processes that take too long. I'm not talking about the cooking part because there is a certain satisfaction in that. No, what I'm talking about are things like fondue where you have things soaking in hot oil, and while you're talking and drinking, you lose track of what you're doing and overcook everything. Even when you get it right, it's like one little bite at a time, and I'm very rarely full by the end of the whole ordeal. Also, who wants their clothes to smell like hot oil the rest of the night?

I got thinking about my dislike for lengthy eating procedures last night when Gancey Girlfriend and I went out for crab. Getting meat from those legs is the most arduous process in the history of eating stuff. Granted, the meat is damn good, but you have to prick your hands on the legs and root it out of there with a tiny fork . . . The staff can't do that for us?

However, Gancey Girlfriend likes this sort of thing, so she was in charge. I did some of the brute force breaks, but she did the shit I'm way too impatient for, like all that rooting, and separating the contents into bowls; one for the meat and one for the refuse. The beauty of it is that we were then able to just pour the butter sauce over the meat and eat it with a fork all at once like a bomb-ass stew. Had it not been for her, I would have been eating a tiny, shitty bite at a time, cutting open my hands and cursing to the point where I would either get thrown out or committed for cursing out dead crabs.

This night was also a demonstration on how Gancey Girlfriend and I so perfectly compliment one another . . .

How about you, readers? What's something that really isn't that big a deal, but you just hate doing it? And/Or, tell us about a way that you and a significant other past or present compliment each other.


HeatherLynn said...

Something I hate doing....going to the grocery store! I just HATE it. I mean, it's such a mundane thing....push kart, stop, place item in kart, take a couple steps more...curse yourself for forgetting your grocery list...look at your $100.00 kart of crap that you are going to eat...think that it takes way too much sustenance for your own survival...and contemplate going on a hunger strike as you fork out the cash to pay for it all.

so yeah, i hate shopping for it, so you can imagine how much i like hauling it all in the house and putting it away.

The only time I do NOT dread the grocery store, is when I'm preparing a "MEAL" for someone special...I like cooking for people other than me!

As for compatibility with a significant other, I once dated a man who was the perfect sleeper.....he and I slept together and it was the best synchronized sleep i've ever had. I miss him sometimes.....


Mr. Shife said...

I don't like folding laundry and I really don't like doing it now that I have to do the little man's laundry as well. Folding up all those onesies gets old after a while. That is all I got today. The baby and the dog are terrorizing each other and I might have to start drinking like I am Don Draper at the office.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Lyn: She actually hates grocery shopping, and I rather like it. Again, another working compliment! And we are good sleeping buddies too! : )

Shifey: I don't know who Mr. Draper is, but I like his style! Hey, you keep folding those onsies. You're my boy!