Friday, July 27, 2018

Case Logic Inspires Logical Music Choices

Get a look at that. Yup. That right there is a book full of CD's that is currently in Latifah (My cars always have Black chick names. No idea how that started). I unpacked them all out of the cases years ago and found the biggest book offered on Amazon to transfer them into to save space. Do you know that I am such a nut about my outdated tangible music format that I took the back covers out to slip into the sleeves so that I wouldn't lose any paperwork? Also, how could I part with some of these discs? You see that album on the left that reads, "Thirteen?" That is an album by a group called Horny Toad with Louichi Mayorga, founding member of Suicidal Tendencies. He came into the record store I worked at to drop off a few copies, but sadly I wasn't working that day. That album is one where if I threw it out I just know that I would never think to look it up down the line. And even if I did, I would never find it. The Horny Toads live on inside Latifah!

The giant book of CD's has been sitting on a shelf for years now, but something made me take them to my car one morning. I have been having a blast spinning some classics (classics to me, that is). The other day I played Jane's Addiction's "Ritual De Lo Habitual" all the way through. If you go through the effort of putting back the last disc, thumbing through for your next one, slipping the new one back into the player, and especially if you are driving during that whole process - then you're going to damn well listen to the whole thing.

This was the beauty of tangible music, and those days are long forgotten by many and never even known by newer generations. But, my god, I forgot how fantastic Jane's Addiction was. As I was playing those songs I got to thinking that girls loved that band too. They had a sexiness about them with the grooves they played, and they were all tattoo'd up rebel surfer types but with a hippy vibe. They had a heavy but funky aspect to their playing, a lot like the Chili Peppers, only Jane's had a good singer.

I'm off to a beach vacation tomorrow with my in-laws for a week, so I wanted to be sure to keep up on blogging weekly. I know I won't get a chance at the beach house. Your Mission, Seven Readers: Find a piece of tangible music and play it. Report back to me with your findings. 


Mr. Shife said...

Hey, I like the Chili Peppers. Don't be mean to Mr. Kiedis. Seeing your CD book took me back. I think mine is buried under some toys and other shit we don't use anymore in the shed. Enjoy the beach house and I am going to rock out to some Red Hot Chili Peppers on my home.

Exile on Pain Street said...

Yes, but is "Thirteen" any good? Or is it the novelty of it being dropped off by the artist?

CDs. My lord, your age is showing. They are now just a small fraction of the market. I miss albums the way you miss CDs. All that beautiful artwork. Gone. Plus, gatefold albums are great for cleaning weed.

Dave Navarro is underappreciated, in my opinion.

Kono said...

Mad Season's Above is a great record, River of Deceit ranks up pretty high on my all time favorite song list... and back in the day i'd eat heroic doses of mushrooms and listen to Ritual de lo Habitual on repeat, specifically the Three Days-Then She Did-Obvious-Classic Girl (second side), and while Navarro is an underappreciated guitarist the key to Jane's imho was Eric Avery, in their best songs it's the bass lines that stand out, Flea got all the accolades but for my money Eric slayed him.

Jimmy Fungus said...

Back to the howling old owl in the woods... huntin' the horny back toad.. I wonder if that group got the idea for their name from the lyrics for "Goodbye Yellowbrick Road" by Elton John. I guess it's not very likely.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Shife: That's just personal preference. Just don't dig Anthony's style of singing but have always respected every other musician in the band. We can still get along with our love of the Chicago Bulls. : )

Exile: The Horny Toads are worth hearing to me, but maybe some of it is the nostalgia factor. They have that Sublime sound that was big at the time only done by Mexican guys.

Kong: So true. Those grooves laid down by the rhythm section of Jane's were some of the smoothest and funkiest of all time. You can dance, screw, drive, and do just about anything to that disc.

Jimmy: I don't think so, but I like to think you're right about how they got their namesake.