Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ultimate Fighter Expresses His Artistic Side While Donning a Speedo

I never thought I'd find myself watching an Ultimate Fighting reality show, but I happen to be hooked on one right now. I believe I've only missed one episode so far. It doesn't sound up your alley? Maybe you'd change your mind after you heard the incredibly simple but effective concept:

Two teams of pugilists all live under one roof together with no booze, no women, and no television, and then two of them fight at the end of each week. That's it.

There is one guy from Chicago who wears a speedo around the house, brings his pimp hat and pimp chalice wherever he goes, and decorates the house with his half-assed, found items, modern art sculptures. He also intended on making a raft out of hundreds of empty water bottles, but only got as far as throwing them all into the swimming pool. The other guys took all the bottles out and bitched him out about messing up the pool, so he threw all the bottles back in and never made the raft. He is totally annoying, but he's from Chicago, so he's my boy.

No booze, no women, no TV, and an annoying wanna-be-pimp-daddy makes a fighter go something, something . . . *

What show do you secretly love? Don't be ashamed. You're among friends.

* If you don't know what this line is in reference to then I may have to retract the line about you being among friends.


classyandfancy said...

A pimp chalice? Speedos? Blood unleashed this way and that way? I may have found the show to occupy my time on a Thursday night.

Regarding guilty pleasure shows, I would have to say that Gilmore Girls is one of them for me. Now, recently it's been a bit lackluster, but give me a good season one through three and I will find the time to waste away a good day watching a full season.

And really, whatever happened to the good ol' days when we could watch American Gladiators, GLOW, and Roller Games in one fell swoop? Now that was reality tv gold in its infancy.

Steph said...

Now you know I'm a reality TV freak, but that show sounds TERRIBLE!

I hate to admit watching The OC and Lugana Beach. *hides*

laura said...

My guilty pleasure of the moment has to be Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

He's incredibly charming and his family is hilarious.

Cherry Ride said...

Please don't de-friend me.

But I SOO want a pimp chalice for Xmas. Prefereably a "homemade" one that has been bedazzled. [Classy: I know we don't know each other all that well, but you need to get/make that for me for XMas.]

Guilty pleasure: "Flavor of Love." Proper!

Cherry Ride said...

Oh, forgot to mention, Gancer, a show about a bunch of guys walking around in speedos is one HELL of a guilty pleasure.

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Classy: American Gladiators was the shiznit! I loved the rings event when the gladiator girl would wrap her legs around the other girl and writhe around trying to pull her down. Now if the Gilmore Girls did a little more of that I might come around.

Steph: I found myself watching entire episodes of The OC when my roomies watched it. Wait, terrible? Perhaps you should read that post again. Maybe you missed some awesomeness.

Laura: I have to catch an episode of that to see how Gene and Skinimax movie queen Shannon Tweed live.

Cherry: PROPER! You ARE bringing that back with a vengeance! Wait, you don't trust me to make you a pimp chalice? I'm hurt.

Cherry Ride said...

No I don't. Sorry.

(Remember when I used to have that silly rule about only posting a comment once on a blog. What an idiot I was.)

classyandfancy said...

I am fashionIing a pimp chalice design right now for Mr. Cherry. Me thinks it will include a scene in which Cherry will conduct a battle royale with a cougar with diamond eyeballs. PROPER!

laura said...

Nick (Gene's son) says this in one episode about his dad's entrepreneurial spirit:

"Dad could sell a hooker when it's raining vaginas"

I haven't seen a pimp chalise thus far.

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Cherry: You're right actually. I would probably promise to make you a PROPER cup and then get drunk and not get around to it.

Classy: I'm putting you on the case in my absence.

Laura: That is a great line. So, where is this land of raining Vaginas, and are there condos available there?

trinity67 said...

Re-runs of Rosanne and Reba.