Thursday, February 19, 2009

. . . You Know You're an Old Dork When

. . . You're a teacher, and the first thing you do at work is swing by the science lab to ask a teacher if they have one of those eye washers to get the Rogaine out of your eye.

When did you know you were old/not cool anymore? If you haven't had this realization yet, what event will tip you off?


TOPolk said...

When will I know? When I skip out on happy hour to go shopping at BB&B with the wifey -- and I still don't get any.

101 Things . . . said...
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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Polk: Going through the shopping trip without being rewarded with some booty would be a sad day, indeed.

JerseySjov said...

im 21.
i have a loong way to go before im not cool anymore :)

Your sister said...

Well, the other day I said I was going as a Robert Palmer Girl to a Rock costume party and my younger co-worker said, "Who is Robert Palmer?" Gave the name of the song . . . yeah, nothing. Also, I was going to join a young professionals group and learned that I can only be a member for the next 3 months and then I'm on THAT side of the fence.

tnobes said...

the scary/impressive part of this post is I know you have a full head of hair and that you have to throw rogaine on your nugget pouch after that bunsen burner incident. you must be like gumby and sh*t, good for you.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Jov: Okay. So when will you know you're an old dork? Do tell.

Sis: The fact that Robert Palmer is dead also makes me feel old

Nobes: Yes, the Rogaine is a preventative measure. Like Gumby? Nugget pouch? Hahahhahaha.

JerseySjov said...

after giving it some thought i have a few things to look out for:
-people younger than me think my music sucks
-i can't power through injuries using only medical tape and advil
-i stop wearing jewelry made of yarn
-i say "I'm a little sick" and it means that i'm not going out that night, rather than meaning im going to be blowing my nose on the sleeve of my jacket between shots
-microwaved burritos and starburst wouldn't be considered a meal
-slightly torn/stolen from the campus center/crumpled posters are no longer acceptable wall art
-neither are pages ripped from magazines
-olay commercials mention my age

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Jovy: Good list! You're like my most loyal reader these days, and I appreciate it.

Zen Wizard said...

I got "Aren't you the guy whose grandson plays Little League with my son?" from a younger female the other day.

That was the first time I got hit with GILF-dom.

At least, I HOPE she meant I was a GILF--like, I hope she meant I was a John Forsythe-type old guy that you would brave the smell of Depends and shag anyway...

radioactive girl said...

I knew I was old when I went to my 11 year old daughter's school and boys were whistling at HER.

I knew I was old when I started spending Friday and Saturday nights driving my kids around to fun things to do while I sat at home looking at the clock thinking how late it was getting and that I really wanted to get to bed.

I knew I was old when I started knitting.

There are so many more examples and I am only 33 years old! I am way too young to be old already!

Will your eyeball grow hair if you put rogaine on it? Because that might be sort of cool.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Zen: You are a Gilf. Don't fear that title. Gilf's have experience up the ying-yang.

Radio: Wow. Those are all goodies. You coming to the play this time around? Go by

radioactive girl said...

I just looked to see when it was because I was excited to maybe make it this time. Is it really at 11 pm???? Like at night? I am totally old because I do not think I can make it up late enough to go and then drive myself home after! I will think about that though because I would love to.

Anonymous said...