Thursday, July 28, 2016

Time Traveling Concert Goers Serve Their Own Selfish Rock Purposes

I had a dream last night where my good friend, HLP*, and I were transported back to various times in history. What an amazing opportunity! We could have saved the Kennedy brothers from being assassinated, stopped the world wars that cost the world so many lives, and maybe even smacked the AIDS monkey in the head with a crowbar.** But instead the first thing that occurred to us that we could do for the good of mankind went something like this, "Holy shit! We can travel through time seeing all kinds of legendary rock bands!"

HLP and I were discussing what shows we had been to during out time travels. One of us saw Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne in the 1970's, and on another night in the 1970's we saw Blue Oyster Cult. Seeing B.O.C. is not that exciting of an opportunity, but that is all we could find playing that night. And they didn't even play "Don't Fear the Reaper!" Now that I think about it, HLP and I could have been yelling out for them to play that song when it hadn't even been written yet. Trippy, right?

We found our potential Holy Grail when we skimmed through the newspaper to to see that Jimi Hendrix was playing that night! This must be what the Ziggy of our rock and roll "Quantum Leap" has been wanting us to see. It was all so clear now! The only problem was that it was sold out. First we tried to sneak through the front door, but the doorman busted us and kicked us to the curb. We then found a way to get in through the back door. This led us to the backstage area, but from there there was no way to get to where we could see the stage. We decided to hide behind some folding tables where we could hear the show perfectly and see Jimi playing from time to time when he walked by a door with a window on it. 

At one point Jimi happened to glance through the window and looked right at me. I didn't know what else to do, so I just smiled and waved. Mr. Hendrix stopped playing at this point and said, "Hold on a minute. We got a couple white boys*** back here." I thought for sure our goose (or geese) was cooked, but he asked the crowd if we should be let into the show. The crowd responded with an uproarious applause, and we came out and saluted the crowd to a standing ovation. HLP and I found some seats, but people kept arriving and kicking us out (we had no tickets, if you'll recall). Some seats that I sat in I had to leave even before anyone got there because my knees were hitting the head of the person in front of me. I found it odd at the time that some seats had more leg room than others, but maybe it was like that in the early 1970's. I'll never know because I can't really time travel.

Sometimes you just find that perfect Google Image.
With all the time I spent worrying if I would be thrown out, if a ticket-holding patron would arrive to take my seat, or if my knees would graze somebody's ear and piss them off, I realized that I wasn't paying much attention to why I was there: Jimi. Fucking. Hendrix. I will say that dream-time-traveling Kenneth was impressed with his playing, but Jimi didn't play one single, solitary song I had ever heard before.  

So, what does it all mean? Are the rock gods inside my insane brain trying to tell me something?
- Maybe I should just enjoy the moment more and not worry so much about little details?
- Perhaps it's a telling story about how I'm too overly concerned with rock music?
- Help me out, Seven Readers. Maybe there is a hidden meaning that I'm missing?

*This acronym stands for Heterosexual Life Partner. He has been a good buddy of mine since junior high, all through this blog's inception, and right up until now. We text one another just about every day about sports and music, so I would say life partner still applies.

**I'm sorry if any animal lovers are offended by this. Believe me when I say that it wouldn't be easy because I find monkeys so adorable. But I would hypothetically smash that little guy's infected nose right into the back of his disease-ridden skull for the good of mankind. But he would get a pass if Zeppelin or someone else awesome was playing that night.

***We weren't the least bit offended when he said "white boys" because he delivered it with no malice at all, and in fact, a great deal of warmth. Dream Jimi was extremely kind and gracious. He was everything I imagined him to be, but I just wish he played some songs that I knew! I mean, I have heard his whole catalog, so from what reservoir was he digging through for that night's deep cuts? I'll have to ask Dream Jimi if I ever have the pleasure of meeting him again, and while I'm at it I'll thank him for letting me and my "white boy" friend into the show.


Gorilla Bananas said...

This is a fairly common type of anxiety dream of being somewhere you're not supposed to be and getting caught. Be grateful that Jimi was kind and let you watch the show. Be even more grateful that you weren't butt naked when he caught you.

jamesdouglasmorrison said...

You should of went to the Hendrix performance when I showed up with Janis. We both dove to the bottom of a bottle of Comfort and I drunkenly made my way to the stage to perform some songs with Jimi. I believe it was March 6 or 7th of 68. I have a couple recordings if you want a listen.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gorilla: I'm actually surprised I wasn't naked. I always have that dream. And I'm always like, "Damn it! I'm naked again." I know I'm always making that mistake in my dream, but I never know it's a dream.

JDM: If I ever get the chance to time travel again, I'll be keying that date into the Flux Capacitor! Save some Southern Comfort for me, old buddy!!!!!

E. Rosewater said...

my good buddy billy pilgrim is a regular time traveler. from a business point of view, there's more money to made by traveling to the future. when you come back to present, it takes the guesswork out of investing.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

dude, you ARE pilgrim. You think I haven't figured that out? good to see you back, man!

Mr. Shife said...

All I can say is enjoy these dreams and restful nights while you can because it's going to change soon. I think a rock-n-roll version of Quantum Leap would be awesome. Have a good one, buddy.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Bro, I love when my dreams practically write a blog for me. The topics just don't come to me like they used to.

I am pretty damn excited for this baby now. I was all scared and losing my mind, but now I just want to meet this little rapscallion.

Jimmy Fungus said...

Wait a minute.... there was a movie called "The Stoned Age".. it must have been out in the 90s, that was a lost decade for me... or maybe out in the 00's (also a lost decade).

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Kenneth Noisewater said...

Jimmy: I believe that was a 1990's film. It was a bit of a cult classic, so it's not surprising that you missed it. I think it was straight to video, as a matter of fact.

Abo-Bdr: Thanks for coming by, pointing at me, and writing stuff that I can't read.

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