Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Always Thought Some of Chicago's Nicer Suburbs Were Safe and Nice . . .

. . . until I heard these two stories on the radio this morning:

1. In one affluent suburb, the lower torso and legs of an unidentified white man was found in a garbage bag in the trash bin of an apartment building, a killing which is perhaps linked to a drug ring that was involved in getting cocaine into the suburbs for the last ten years.

Editorial: How lazy to just throw your torsos and legs in the trash with your pizza boxes and the rest of your garbage! They got lazy killers out there in the burbs!

2. And in another suburb, a Chuck E. Cheese failed their second alcohol to minors test in just over a years time when teenage agents presented their actual ID's, ones saying "under 21" right across them, were served liquor.

Editorial: I know that the staff is just trying to help because that place can be full of loud obnoxious kids and lights and noises - a beer can really take the edge off - but at least look to see if the damn ID is blue, especially after already getting busted once! Jeez! Is the guy in the mouse suit blindly handing out beers to toddlers? Sounds . . . awesome!!


Heff said...

I've got a buddy in Chi-Town that says bodies are droppin' well, like dead people up there !

That Chuck E. Cheese story is funny as HELL. I've been in one ONCE, and will never go back !

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Heff: I say me and you hit up a Chuck E. Cheese and get "hammered drunk."

radioactive girl said...

That suburb is where I grew up...but not in the part where that happened! Scary.

I didn't even know Chuck E. Cheese served alcohol. Would have been good to know at one of the many kid parties we have been to!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Radio: Next time, have a beer at Chucks. You've earned it.