Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm sorry I've been out so long. My goal was to post every day, then I was happy with every other day, and pretty soon I let most of June go by without publishing a damn thing on here. It's a little bit of being too busy, but it's a lot of just having nothing to say. I usually have a topic or two saved into the notes on my phone, and here's the only one I have jotted down in the last few weeks:

"Topanga's right arm is too big."

The meaning of this random-ass note is that while watching some show where the gal who played Topanga on Boy Meets World now hosts a Talk Soup type of show where she stands by a monitor making fun of things that happened on TV, Gancey Girlfriend said, "remember last time we flipped by this show, and you said her right arm is bigger than her left? Well, it's true."

I had no recollection at first that I noticed that, but I was right as rain! Something is f'd up about that hammy right arm of hers! I actually tried to post this a while ago, but I couldn't find any hard evidence to attach to this post, so I just said screw it. Well, now I got nothin' else, so this is what you get.

If anyone can track down a good picture or video to back up this assertion, I'd greatly appreciate it. What a lame post, but at least the new layout of the blog is cool, right?


radioactive girl said...

I have probably seen every episode of that show and I never noticed it. I will have to make a note to pay attention the next time I see her on something. I think I never noticed because I had (have?) such a HUGE crush on the older brother on that show that I barely even looked at her.

Love the new layout though!

Heff said...

After looking at that picture of her as a young girl, now MY RIGHT ARM IS BIGGER THAN MY LEFT TOO !!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Radio: My GF knows a chick who dated the best friend for a couple of years. Whatever happened to the older brother? He was a good actor.

Heff: I laughed out loud at that comment! Big ups.

JerseySjov said...

ive only ever seen the commercial previews and while ive never noticed one arm being bigger than the other, i have noticed that the show is basically a less funny, shriller Talk Soup/The Soup

radioactive girl said...

I think the older brother is the voice for that penis looking cartoon guy. I totally can not remember the cartoon but it is for kids and I swear the cartoon guy looks exactly like a penis. I have not mentioned this fact to my kids who like and watch the show but every time we watch it I am thinking "how can they not see that?" But they don't.

I just looked it up because I had to know and it is Kim Possible.

radioactive girl said...

I just spent way more time than I'd like to admit trying to look up that character that I think looks like a penis. I can not find it. Apparently it is not actually on Kim possible, but maybe some other show? Or I just have a dirty mind and made the whole thing up? Either way the older brother is the voice for a character on Kim Possible...and he doesn't look anything like any penis I have ever seen.