Thursday, June 24, 2010

Which of these movies will kick more ass, and which original film did you enjoy more?

1. Tron Legacy

2. Predators

Factors to consider about Tron:

1. Tron is a Disney movie, so there probably isn't as much violence as there should be.

2. However, it does have Jeff Bridges (The Dude) from the original, and I can't see him doing a completely shit movie.

3. It retains all the cool disc throwing, glowing car driving, and tanks from the original.

Things to remember about Predators:

1. The preview says it's a Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Desperado) film, but he doesn't direct it - some guy named Nimrod does. That's really his first name.

2. With Lawrence Fishburne, Topher Grace, and Adrien Brody, that's a strong cast.

3. It looks as if there is a great deal of ass kicking, but no known Arnold cameo.

So, again, Seven Readers, which movie do you think will be better, and which original movie did you like better?


BeckEye said...

I haven't seen the originals, so I'm sure I won't see the remakes. Actually, I've seen PARTS of both originals. I might eventually get around to watching all of Predator one day, but I have no burning desire to see Tron.

Heff said...

Predator. Although I do like the old TRON coin-op arcade game !

I still play it from time to time in the HBAG gameroom.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Beck: I guess those are both kind of dude movies, but you have to watch at least the beginning of Predator or Jesse the Body is already dead when you tune in.

Heff: What other games are in there? I'm so jealous! Do you have Joust?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

PS: You two have been commenting so regularly lately. I love it. I'm going to make sure I drop by your sites more. Big ups . . .

Heff said...

Dude, Heff has EVERYTHING coin op.

I used a rom emulation program, pirated the game roms, built a to-scale arcade cabinet modeled after the Williams Defender Cabinet, and installed a professional grade X-Arcade Joystick, all controlled by a P.C. inside the cabinet.

The fucker runs over 10,000 quarter-eating classics, FREE !

Satan's Hollow, anyone ?

Heff said...

Hey, waitaminute ! DUH ! I have a blog.

Go see for yourself !

My blog lables are listed on the lower left sidebar on my blog. Click on the "video games" label, and you'll get to see at least 2 different posts about what I built.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Heff: Holy shit. When can I come down to the Bar and Grill for a Butlik set, Busch Light, and video games?

I suggest a Blegger. Myself and the Liars Club bloggers invented the term: part blog, part kegger.