Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good iPod Mojo Gets Dr. Ken Through a Tough Morning

I have been sick lately, and I struggled staying up late last night watching my Chicago Blackhawks lose in overtime somewhere around midnight to get eliminated from the playoffs. So, this morning I was hurting, and without drinking coffee until I get to work, I rely solely on my iPod to get me through the morning commute without falling asleep and crashing. Luckily, today I came across bomb songs to keep my head bobbin'.
(Oh, and remember to hit pause on the music player along the right panel if you decide to play any of the vids on this post)

1. "I'm Bad" by L.L. Cool J.:

This is a very underrated song, and while "Momma Said Knock You Out" does make me want to punch something (in a good way), this one makes me want to beat up a bunch of people and run from the cops. "Forget Oreos eat Cool J. Cookies!" I love dumb ass lines that he can somehow he can make sound cool. How about "I crush you like a jelly bean!" Love it. The whole song is essentially him saying why he's the shit, and then at the end he gets on the police radio to tell the po-po's who are on the lookout for that elusive "tall black skinned brotha' with dimples" that they won't catch him because he's "too bad fo' ya'. Understaaaaaaand!"

2. "Do That Stuff" by Parliament:

Without a doubt the chorus of this jam boasts one of the funkiest horn riffs in the history of the world. "Do that stuff, ah, do that stuff" George demands from us, and it's not terribly important what exactly that "stuff" entails. Who cares? This song bumps! "You wouldn't believe how they partied." Oh, I believe. This song sounds like one funky-ass party with grown men in diapers and a big ass spaceship landing on your face.

3. "Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash live from San Quentin

This is probably the best male tear jerker of all time because, while my dad is a great guy, there are a lot of guys out there with dads who are pretty awful but they love them anyway. Shel Silverstein wrote a terrific story with this song, but Johnny really seemed to have lived it when he sang it - and you can hear the inmates' reactions to various sections, as I imagine many of them had similar experiences. Try listening to this one and not want to call your dad, or punch him and have him stand up and cut off part of your ear. Either one.

4. "Roll With the Changes" by REO Speedwagon:

This is the one that was blaring as I pulled into work, and yes, it's corny, but fuck it. This is a pump-you-up song, dorky or not. I am tired of the same old story! I'm ready to roll with some changes! Yes! There's some great soloing in this song. Still, I always think of Billy Madison in his REO Speedwagon shirt going back to high school trying to act cool leaning against his sports car. Yeah. It kind of sounds like that, but it still kicks ass.

How about you guys? Any good iPod mojo lately? Any shit bands that always pop up and you have to skip? I know I downloaded a ton of country for a Redneck Party that I'm always having to sift through.


BeckEye said...

*sigh* I love me some Cool James, like any normal lady would.

The Pens were eliminated from the playoffs, too. The only difference is that I really haven't followed hockey since the mid-'90s so I don't care.

Miss Organizized said...

(sorry Gance, long time no commenty!!)
Um I seriously have to agree with you about "Roll with the Changes" one of my all time crankers!! It's embarrassing how into that song I get.
So I'll see your REO and raise you "25 Miles" by Edwin Starr. Yes, the Adventures in Babysitting classic. When I'm not scrubbing the kitchen counters before Brad and Sarah's parents get home, I'm howling to this tune on my way to the corporate grind!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Beck: I only watch The Blackhawks, I must admit. Hockey otherwise does not do it for me. Hey, you see Idol tonight? How do they not kick off the gospel guy? Jeez!

Miss: I may have to research that 25 Miles song. Or should I? "Roll With the Changes" kicks ass - no two ways about it.

The Igloo Oven said...

I'm glad you like Funkadelic.

I downloaded a Gregorian Chant album once and its always kind of a weird mojo shift whenever it pops up on random play. I think I downloaded it to chill out to after a stressful day when I managed that museum location. That place would make any make a weird itunes purchase decision.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Igloo: Gregorian Chant! Hey, whatever home remedies you could use after a few shifts at that place is recommended. I can relate . . .