Sunday, April 03, 2011

I'm writing from my desktop computer because I left my laptop at work, and it's like a damn prison! I'm so used to stretching out in front of the television, carrying the laptop with me into the kitchen, among other place, but there was a time when this is how I wrote - and it was fine that way, and I wrote some good stuff.

Well, here I am trying to write something, and all I can do is think about what's on the television in the next room (Top 50 NFL Players in which I've seen most every player) and what's happening on the biggest culprit of time wasting and stifler of creativity: Facebook. Oh, how I hate you, Facebook. I demand to be funny and heard immediately, having my funniness affirmed within seconds, and you provide that for me, leaving Blogger in the dust, like such the Betamax. But, when I used Blogger more, I was more of a writer. Now what am I? A damn schmo like everyone else, updating people on my stupid life like everyone else, and that's just wrong.

The other things getting in the way of the artistic life is work getting increasingly busier and crappier and working out. By the time all of that is done, I don't feel very motivated to write much more than a flipping Facebook update.

So, I'm making some changes. First off, I can get my workout done in the morning, and then when I'm done with work at 2:45, I can go straight to a coffee shop, do my paperwork for the job, and then write for at least one hour every single day.

The only thing worse than an unmotivated writer is reading an unmotivated writer's ramblings about being unmotivated, so God willing, you will soon be reading something really great. Maybe even important.


Aubree said...

facebook is the death of me.
and important writings you say? i am slightly intrigued by this.

Andrew said...

I have high hopes for you, Dr. Ken. Do not let me down.

Also, Facebook is the absolute worst. And I get pissed whenever I post something & it isn't immediately 'liked' or commented on by a bazillion people.

Gorilla Bananas said...

My name is "Cousin Bananas" on Facebook. I don't write anything on it, but I have a few wacky friends I could recommend you to.

Kadonkadonk said...

Facebook. Urrrrggghh. I feel you, man!

JerseySjov said... least you have "important" things on blogger from time to time. the last 8 months on mine has just been "sigh, nothing new" over and over again

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Aubree: Maybe important was a stretch, but I am going to try harder. That I promise.

Drew: You might be as needy as me. I'm proud, actually.

Gorilla: All apes are whacky because they all whack it all day, right?

Donk: Yes! Down with Facebook! I crap in its general direction.

Jov: You'll get out of the funk soon. I got a feeling. These things come and go.