Monday, June 13, 2011

Back on the Rickshaw Again

I'm riding the rickshaw once again this summer around Wrigley Field and other Chicago locations as my summer job. Some of you may recall that last summer I had some interesting stories (see Tales from the Rickshaw posts).

Let's see what happened today . . .

1. A guy showed me his ID, and his name was actually Rick Shaw.

2. I learned three things that I need to buy tomorrow: another bike lock, an allen wrench set, and a hand pump.

3. The damn firehouse guys are stingy with turning the water on, so I was wicked dehydrated out there. Luckily a friend who lives in the area stopped watching the "Bachelorette" long enough to throw me down a Power Aid.

4. One of my closest friends' mom has really bad cancer and might not have much time left. I feel like an ass because he's been going through it for a while and hasn't told anyone, and here I am jabbering on about useless crap like I do on this blog - and worse. That has nothing to do with rickshawing, but it's been on my mind a lot lately. What can I do for him, Seven Readers?


Aubree said...

if i was a rickshaw guy i would totally get a fake ID saying my name was rick shaw.

Anroo said...

As far as your friend, the only thing I can think of is just providing support for him. Just try not to be too overbearing with it, since that could make it slightly overwhelming & make him feel like a charity case. Just make yourself available to talk & offer your services for anything that may make this time easier for him. That sounds so simplistic, but it's what I'd want, at least until everything has been resolved, so to speak.

Also? The friend who threw down the Powerade obviously had their priorities in order. I get downright mean if I get interrupted during my TV time.

Kadonkadonk said...

Get him drunk.

Michael5000 said...

Tell your friend the Rick Shaw story. It cheered ME up...

radioactive girl said...

Cancer sucks. I am so so sorry!

I have only been in the position of being the one with cancer, and in that case since I hate asking for help, I wish people would have named specific things they wanted to help me with instead of saying "if you need anything I'm here". I can't bring myself to ask for help so unless a specific offer was made, I didn't ask anyone to help.

As for helping your friend, you should (I hate when people say should...sorry) Just make sure he knows you are there for him. Maybe you talking about useless crap has been good for him. I used to love distractions and silly behavior, so maybe you have already been helping and didn't even know it. When people acted regular, I felt more normal/less sad than when they were making sad faces at me.

If it were me, I'd bake something for the friend and the mom but I tend to bake for people when I'm not sure what else to do. It's kind of my way of saying I care but I suck at figuring out how to help. In fact now I feel so bad about your friend and his mom that I want to bake something for them and I don't even know them!

The Igloo Oven said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Maybe have him over for steaks and whiskey? A good meal and relaxing evening?

Haha to the Rick Shaw encounter. What a beautiful moment.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I'm sorry to hear about your close friend's mom's.

just talk to him. And you listen. listen. make sure that in the event his mother does pass away...that you are there for your friend. Be there.

I remember those that were there for me and mother. There are such wonderful people.

And I remember those that were not...though not kindly.

YOU be's important that you do.

later honey. xxx