Thursday, October 13, 2011

Her Birthday Session

Sara: It's my birthday.

Doctor Fauser: Happy birthday! We're almost done with the session. I'm curious why you didn't mention this before?

S: Probably because I don't like thinking about what a shitty birthday this is.

DF: Yes? And why is that?

S: Well, let's see. The first thing I did when I woke up was cry. Birthdays totally suck, especially because it commemorates the day I was born.

DF: And why is that so bad.

S: Because I wish I was never born.

DF: What do you mean by that?

S: Don't worry. I don't want to kill myself. It's just . . . Life really sucks sometimes. And it's 6:00, and still no one has said happy birthday to me, besides you, but you're my analyst so that doesn't count.

DF: People didn't even say happy birthday on Facebook?

S: (Laughs)

DF: What's so funny?

S: I just don't picture you on Facebook. With pictures tagged of you drinking out of funnels. In one of your nice suits.

DF: Don't look for me on there. You will find no such pictures. I never drink like that with a good suit on.

S: (Laughs again)

DF: But surely someone said happy birthday on Facebook?

S: Yes, but that doesn't count. Nobody cares enough to go beyond that, and those people are hardly friends anyways. And, did you know that I told my friend that this is exactly how my birthday would go? That I'd wake up and cry and no one would give a shit that it's my birthday?

DF: That's what we call a self-fulfill . . .

S: (cutting him off) Self-fulfilling prophecy, I know.

DF: I'm impressed. Do you think you do that often?

S: What's that?

DF: Set the stage for your own disappointment and eventual sadness?

S: Maybe. Probably. What do you think?

DF: I think that's something we'll have to explore next week. Our time is up.

S: Okay. Thanks. See you again next week.

As Sara and Doctor Fauser stand up, she checks her phone.

DF: I'm willing to bet you missed some calls. Or texts?

S: Yeah. A few, actually.

DF: You see!

S: Yeah. See you next week.

Sara smiles, turns away and opens the door.

DF: Yes you will. Oh, and Sara?

S: Yes?

DF: I'm glad you were born.


sybil law said...

I am completely lost, but I love it anyway. :)
Biz Markie! Haha - thanks, Dr.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sybil: Shoot. Why were were you lost? What wasn't clear? I could use your feedback here . . .

sybil law said...

Who is Dr. Fauser, and who is Sara? That's why I was lost. Maybe I should know?

sybil law said...

Oh, but also - Sex Farm! Damn. Love. :)

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Just a random therapist and patient. Was hoping I didn't have to say. NO?

Working on the sex farm!!!

radioactive girl said...

I love your writing, but you already know that. This was great!
I especially love that last part. Sometimes I feel like it would be nice to hear someone say that. I mean, I know it's true and there are many people who think that, but I think if someone said it to me unexpectedly like that I would cry but kind of happy relieved tears because it would take me off guard and just kind of make me happy to hear. I'm not explaning this well, but I hope you know what I mean even though I sound a bit crazy right now.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Thanks, Radio! I really wanted some feedback on this one, so I appreciate it.