Saturday, March 02, 2013

Snow Job

There was a G.I. Joe guy who came with a snowmobile, dressed in a white snowsuit, and his name was Snow Job.  If you're a guy around my age, you know it's true.  What the hell were they thinking?  Yes, the term can mean "an intensive effort at persuasion or deception," but you just know the parents who bought that action figure for their kids were thinking of the other definition, the one maybe mom had wished she had done instead that night so she wouldn't have had that damn kid she now has to buy war mongering toys for.  That was maybe too far . . .

I'm not sure  the military had a the "don't ask don't tell" policy back then, but can it be any gayer that his name was Figure Skater and his codename was Snow Job?  Pretty clear which way old Snow Job was leaning with his sexual preference, not that there is anything wrong with doing . . . figure skating.  

I bet he got ragged all the time by the other members of G.I. Joe, guys like Flint and Shipwreck, really any of them without fellatious names.  

Snowjobs special skills: Driving snowmobiles, winter survival, winter combat tactics, and sucking penises in the subarctic temperatures. 


Mr. Shife said...

So you are saying Figure Skater probably did not get a snow job from Scarlett? I love his bio by the way. I am glad to see he was able to make something out of himself after being orphaned from a horrible pogo stick accident. That is the kiss of death for a lot of kids. And sucking cock in subarctic weather is one of those skills that will get you places in the military. Good stuff Dr. Ken.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Shife: Haha. I'm reading that bio now. Pogo accident? He just keeps getting gayer. Oh, and Scarlett wasn't a ho like that. You're thinking of Cover Girl.