Thursday, December 19, 2013

Early Morning Riser

I had a long day today.  Stressful and emotional.  I stopped off for a beer by myself at a good bar by my apartment.  It's worth the extra few blocks because it's awesome.  Talking about Journey Atari games got me engrossed with some of the regulars, and as some country music played, I got excited to go home and listen to "Bustin' Out" on vinyl by Pure Prarie League.  I bought this record years ago only because "Amy" is on it, but it is chocked full of awesome southern rock.  And I bought it for $0.49.  Yes.  Less than fifty cents.

I just read that paragraph and saw that I was excited to go home.  Wow.  Officially a dork.

Kim Coulter wrote her name in some permanent marker across the front of the cover of the LP.  Don't you ever want to know who these people are?  I imagine tons of people have sold this record for a host of reasons, but the way I operate is I need to know who owned THIS VERY COPY.

I'm a weird fan of rock music.  The kind that wants to know who listened to this album and where.  And which drugs were consumed.  And did Kim have any feelings about having to part with this record, or was it Kim's daughter who sold it?  And is Kim dead?  Did Kim ever really dig this record?  I mean, she cared enough to write her name on it . . .

Anyone else think at along these lines, or am I totally a nut.  I am too nuts to be alone right now, right?  Maybe I should just belly up to the bar again and stop being a nut.


David Oliver said...

In my book what you are doing is called thinking. It is only nutty because people don't do it much other than when they are trying to solve a problem. It is the root of creativity. See, here it has resulted in a blog and good one at that.

I have never heard of Pure Prairie League. After listening to the video I want some of their songs. Thanks!

Maybe if you can't find out who Kim Coulter is you can make up a story about who she is and post it. I think it would be good.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I'm curious as to why anyone would write their name on a record sleeve. You keep your records at home, right? Or did she take it with her to summer camp or rehab clinic? Yes, you're right, there's plenty to think about!

Jimmy Fungus said...

Maybe Kim Coulter will google herself and end up on your blog.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

David: You're right. I do a lot of thinking. Lately I'm down to like one good idea a day, and a lot of times it's right when I wake up. Your idea about the short story with the record is one hell of a good idea.

Gorilla: Maybe back in the day people brought their records over to other houses and had to get them all back?

Jimmy: Wow. If she does find the blog, I will have some questions for her . . .