Monday, December 30, 2013

First Adult Movie Experience Podcast: Part 3 of 3

In the final installment, Southie tells the story of the first adult film he ever saw.  He was in his Uncle's basement and had a pretty traumatic experience.  It sounds awful when you say it like that, but it's not what you think.

Songs used in the background on this podcast:

1. "The Stroke" by Billy Squire
2. "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen
3. "Let Me Put My Love Into" by AC/DC

Go ahead and give it a play or a download.  Let us know what you think, and if you haven't already, share with us the story of your first time watching a dirty movie as a kid.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Pity that Southie got his first boner looking a porno film. Weren't there any pretty girls in his school? The body reacting without the brain knowing what's going on is a Pavlovian doggish experience.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gorilla: Thanks for listening, sir. He wasn't sure if it was his first, but it was the first one he can remember. He said he was at a Catholic school, so he might have had an all boys school.

Southie, you want to help us out here?

Jimmy Fungus said...

I was hoping for more trauma, but I suppose that makes me sound a bit insensitive about Southie's predicament. Yeah, Catholic school kinda fills your brain with lots of terror (I can't really think of a proper word to explain this, but that one will do) which leads one overreact in these situations.

Dangerous said...

I still feel bad for Southie for having such a bad experience the first time around. Guessing the most recent one was a tad better? 9:30am after Mariano's??

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Jimmy: No, I agree, more trauma could have been good. It's so hard to get traumatized by porno these days when it's one click away all the time, right in our faces. I miss the trauma.

Dangerous: Yes. Getting there a touch late really sets him off, gives him that frustration boner.

Kenneth Noisewater said...
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