Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bookmark This Sumbitch

The first post of the group blog project The Liar's Club is live!

Myself and three of the other (self-proclaimed) finest bloggers in Chicago got together over cocktails, and we came up with some great ideas, so keep your eyes peeled for enlightening posts that may or may not have to do with Chicago. This first one is an introduction of sorts. Check it out!

here's the link. so click it now, mo-fo. you heard me. move your dirty mouse across the shiny celine dion mouse pad you got in vegas and click it!


Mr Shife said...

I refuse to fall victim to your clever attempt at getting me to waste more time at work by reading another blog. Not today mister.

Jay said...

Actually, I have a dirty Siegfired & Roy mouse pad I got in Vegas. I've never looked at a white tiger the same since.