Friday, December 18, 2009

AC/DC: Ugliest Band of All Time

I heard an AC/DC song in the shower today, and I was thinking, they might be the ugliest band ever to plug in.

Every guy in that band is damn weird looking.

Originally, they had singer Bon Scott on vocals, who was an ugly hairy man with a big bulge in his pants, but then he froze to death in his car.

They had Angus Young on lead guitar, who makes weird faces hopping around in a school boy outfit like he's having a stroke. A really ugly stroke.

They had Angus' brother on rhythm guitar, and he doesn't get as much credit as he should for being one of the funniest looking guys in rock.

They had a series of bass players early on, finally settling on Cliff Williams for the long haul, and although he was a decent looking guy, as he ages and keeps the long hair, he's starting to look like the guy from the Beauty and the Best television series in the late 1980's.

Then they had Phil Rudd on drums, who wasn't that ugly.

But, they got this guy who is extremely ugly.

He kind of looks like this guy from the Smokin' in the Boys Room Motley Crue video and Weird Science.

After Bon Scott died, they got Brian Johnson, who looks and sounds like he's constipated when he sings, making him that much uglier.

All in all, although they deserve a lot of credit for sticking to a rocking formula for years and not straying from it through numerous trends in music around them, it's hard to beat this band for ugliness. Readers, can you think of an uglier one?


Ms Smack said...

LOL that's their PLAY FACE!

They're never pretty!

Its the same face that people pull when they're playing xbox, or Wii!

How's that template coming along?

JerseySjov said...

kiss without the makeup

Jenni said...

I have always been partial to Dee Snider from Twisted Sister. when it comes to someone being beaten with the ugly stick. The makeup definitely doesn't help his cause.

Miss Organizized said...

Agreed about the Play's like Orgasm Face...kinda weird, but still cool because cool things are happening, i.e. AC/DC is playing awesome awesome music so close to you that you see their weird looking faces!!

tnobes said...

As I mentioned on our trip, Motorhead to me would win or perhaps Rush but AC/DC is up there. Weird Science guy is great, huge fan. Thanks for driving this weekend.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Smack: Yeah, they have play faces, but they're pretty ugly to begin with. Sorry to diss your native Australians . . .

Jov: That's a good call, but Paul Stanley was kind of a stud, and Gene makes up for his face with that tongue, I would imagine.

Jenni: Dee was weird looking and the rest of the band was pretty gross looking, but I love Dee. He's one of my favorite rock personalities. I went through a revolving door with him here in Chicago. He kind of ignored me, despite me throwing metal at him.

Miss: I don't know, Gancey Girlfriend's O-Face is the hottest I ever see her. Or is it the face-o-face? I don't want to think about Brian Johnson's O-Face. You think he grunts in that voice too?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

NOBES: Yeah, Lemmy is VERY weird looking. I never got why he hasn't removed those moles? Maybe all is his money is spent on booze, since I hear he still drinks like a bastard at the Rainbow. My buddy in L.A. says there's a 70% chance of seeing them in there any day of the week. I was glad to drive. Next time, no Walnut Streets or ill-placed basketball rims, and we'll be just fine.

HeatherLynn said...

The Scorpions and Spinal Tap were pretty ugly too, must add them to your list. :)

The dudes in Aerosmith aren't too handsome, but then again, I love Stephen Tyler, no matter how ugly people think he is....until you seen him gyrate his leather clad bony figure in front of you, you really don't know if you are a fan or not. I"m a fan. yes, yes, I'm a fan.

what can i say, one person's ugly, is another's stephen tyler. ;)


Miss Organizized said...

Hahaha!!! EXCELLENT COMMENT! Well chicks are basically attractive at all times (unless naked and opening a pickle jar?), so yes, we'll go with that. Ugly guys, O'faces, and grunting though...yikes.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Lyn: Yes, the Scorps were bad. The singer with the receding hair, the guitar player with the bad facial hair, but Spinal Tap, they're actors playing a band, so that doesn't really count. Steven Tyler was hot in spite of his ugliness, I'll give him that.

Miss: You know any websites with naked chicks opening pickle jars? If so, let me be the judge of whether or not that is hot.