Wednesday, December 30, 2009


"You Can't Bring Me Down" by Suicidal Tendencies came up on shuffle on my ride home today, and I was pumped, singing along, and feeling just like Mike Muir: standing up against whoever or whatever it is that's trying to keep me down.

Although, I don't really know of any force right now trying to get me down.

My massive amounts of student loans?

The bitchy lady today at Kinkos?

The guys who didn't ship a gift for Gancey Girlfriend in time for Christmas?

The four days worth of paperwork I have to do in one day tomorrow?

These are not unstoppable forces and clearly not causing the kind of angst I was feeling in the car, head banging away, but perhaps it took me back to when I listened to this song - back when I was a teenager. A pimply, sexually frustrated, socially awkward, angry at the world teenager. That or I really needed a release from that Kinkos lady pissing me off . . .

And now, for no reason at all, here's a hot girl doing the splits in her ice skates.


HeatherLynn said...

I love a morning started off by a hot girl doing the splits in ice skates. How'd you know? ;)


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Yeah. She's something else. I already posted something else, and that's sad because more of my readers need to get a look at Gracie. She should be at every hockey game.