Thursday, August 22, 2013

I just saw a list of 21 Problems Only Music Lovers Will Understand and I wanted to see how many of them fit this music lover struggles with. Yes means it bothers me, no means it doesn't, and let's see the totals to see how nuts I am, shall we?

1. "When people don’t realize that a hit song is just a cover of another song."

Yes. I once knew a guy who insisted that Clapton wrote "I Shot the Sherrif." I showed him evidenc (before the internet) that Marley wrote it, and he still insisted he was right.

2. "When someone asks you what your favorite album is and expects you to pick just one."

No. Pick one. Don't be a wuss. Dark Side of the Moon is the best rock and roll album ever recorded. Period. Any good music hard-ass type is nothing if he/she is not decisive.

3. "When you play a song for someone and they start talking."

No. Hearing a song for the first time doesn't always connect the first time through, and someone isn't always in the mood to hear what they want you to hear. Also, if you expect the two of you to sit there in silence while you force them to listen to something, you might be a nut.

4. "When the radio overplays the single from your favorite new album."

Yes. A recent example is the new Daft Punk. I loved it until I saw that it was playing on every station. I know it's stupid to not like something because everyone else does, but damn it, I can't help not wanting to have much in common with so many idiots.

5. "When the new album from a band you love gets a bad review."

No. People have their opinions. Lord knows I have them; only mine are always right.

6. When you have to wait 10 years between albums.

No. A band can take as much time as they want, but when they do wait that long, they usually come back only to suck. Weezer gathered a million fans during their long hiatus, came back with a fairly good record that was nowhere near as good as their first two, and then made a shit album every year ever since. So, you can take a lot of time off, but will likely come back sucky.

7. "When you have your headphones on and forget you’re in public."

No. When I see people air drumming or singing on the train or something, I always think how dorky they look, but it doesn't stop me from punching a low-flying branch as my high hat as I crush a drum fill on a jog.

8. "When no one gets your obscure music references."

Yes. That can be annoying, but the best thing to do is in that situation is just text a friend that you know will get it. What is more annoying is when there is a really cool song is in a movie or playing somewhere it shouldn't be and no one knows that it's amazing that the obscure song is being used, and that's why I have to go with a yes on this item.

9. "When you ask someone what they’re into and they say, 'Oh, you know. Anything.'”

Yes. But the wording of this one really matters. When someone says that they are into "all kinds of stuff" and then they are able to at least name some interesting things they like, fine. But if they just have a vague "anything" response, then yeah, that sucks. 

10. "Or they say they don't really listen to music."

Yes. Well, I guess it doesn't bother me; I just pity them. Unless they're into some kind of art, be it film, painting, sculpture . . . something! But it makes me wonder what kind of life they are leading where they're not stopping to appreciate anything beautiful in the world as it passes them by.

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Okay, this list is long. Maybe I'll tackle the other 11 on the list next time. I'm 5 out of 10 so far.  What do you all think? Do you agree or disagree with any of these? Are you a music obsessed nut-job type? Bottom line is this: I would have been a yes to every one of these about 5 years ago, so what does that say about me? I'm growing up? For better or worse?


David Oliver said...

Wow, you really thought about this. My answers were opposite some of yours until I saw your reason, then I switched because you were right.

I didn't switch on #8 because as much as I love music and listen to it almost everyday, I'm not knowledgeable about it. Sometimes I'll really like a song and forget who does it. When I say I listen to it, I don't mean when I'm driving, I mean instead of watching TV.

Your question about obsessive music types to me is kind of like obsessing about lots of things. My oldest brother once built a sailboat. While building it, whenever I was around him that's all he could/would talk about. Later on he began building an airplane and it was just airplane, airplane, airplane until he gave up on the idea. I'm kind of that way too and think it is both good and bad. It's good in that you get have a deep understanding of something but it's bad in that other things in your life suffer. Now I'm going to go and put on some music. :)

Gorilla Bananas said...

I wouldn't be bothered by any of these, but if someone said #10 I'd ask them whether they listened to music in their head. I wonder if it's possible to avoid hearing the greatest pieces of music given that they tend to get played on TV and in films.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

David: Did your brother finish the boat and plane and did they work? What music did you put on - and no, I won't judge.

Bananas: I can always listen to music in my head. It's kind of like the end of the Joe's Garage album by Frank Zappa where the protagonist decides that in a world where no music is allowed, he could be free to make imaginary music in his head and play imaginary solos - which is when they go right into "Watermelons in Easter Hey," a fricking beautiful song. Okay, yeah, that was a rant and obscure for sure . . .

Mr. Shife said...

Good answers and good insight, Dr. Ken. I agree with you on your answers. I'm definitely not into music as much as you are but I do love it especially when I discover a band that just speaks to me. My current band that I totally dig is The Gaslight Anthem.

Urbanist Chic said...

Shife: I give it up to GLI because last year when they were at
riot Fest, they were totally giving it up for Chicago Public School Teachers. YESSSSSSSSSSS! Good band

Vapid Vixen said...

Has #10 actually ever really happened? EVERYONE listens to music. Except maybe communists.

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

That's true about the hiatus, in my opinion. But one exception is the My Bloody Valentine album that came out this year, 22 years after their last one. Speaking of which, I like Loveless better than Darkside of the Moon. Btw it was time for a new post from me but it's on my poetry blog, if you're interested. If not, go inject some marijuana, you hippie.