Saturday, August 24, 2013

Part 2 of That Thing I Was Working On Last Post

Last post I took a look at the first ten on the list of things that annoy you if you're really into music, or whatever the author called it.  So far 5 out of 10 on the list I had to answer with a "Yes, that bothers me."  Let's see how I do with the final 11 . . .

11. "When you can't talk about a band without saying everything about the band."

Yes.  I catch myself doing this.  I need to work on just dropping that one anecdote and just stop.  Just get in, get out.  But I always get on tangents that could potentially be bothering those around me, and certainly bothering the female I'm with at the time.

12. "Only being able to start things when you've found the perfect playlist."

Yes.  I can't do any work around the house until I have a good record picked out, and I certainly can't exercise in any way whatsoever without assembling a bomb playlist.  In fact, I'm more likely to end up going to the gym if I know that a good playlist is waiting for me on the shuffle in my gym bag.  

13. When you play a song for someone and it's not as awesome as you remember.

Yes.  I just recently downloaded the theme from "The Lost Boys," and while it sounds so cool in the movie with all the vampire visuals, just hearing it on your iPod sound incredibly dumb.

14. "When someone refers to 'your music' so dismissively."

Yes.  I was playing some Yo La Tengo at work a long time ago, and a bitchy coworker of mine at the time said, "Does your girlfriend like your music?"  She said "your music" just as the author of this list intended.

15. "When you can't stop yourself from ranking everything."

Yes.  Anyone who has been around this blog page for a while knows that I have made a lot of lists over the years, right down to the funniest douche commercials of all time, so yeah, I rank stuff too much.

16. "When you can't stop planning the songs they will play at your wedding."

No.  But it's close.  I don't care too much about making a list like that until it's getting close to take the time to take the plunge.   However, I do think it's important for every couple to know what their first dance will be because that's their song.  Mr and Mrs Noisewater's song is "The Air That I Breathe" by The Hollies, incidentally, and we will slow dance any damn place immediately upon hearing those soothing sounds . . .

17. "Or Your Funeral"

No.  Not even I do that.  This one might be the one you need to ask yourself to see if your music snobbery has gone slightly over the edge.  Well, if I had to pick a song, I guess it would be "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion.  Just kidding.

18. "When you need to keep a running list on your phone of songs you need to sing on karaoke."

Yes.  I'm afraid to say yes.  This one embarrasses me a little, but yes, I will make a mental note of a song I need to try out the next time I grab the mic.  When next I sing, I was thinking I need to do some Phil Collins, but if I'm too hammered, then I always sing the "go to" songs that I can do on drunk autopilot.

19. "Then you never end up using it."

Yes.  Or I try it once and it's way harder than I thought it would be.  I thought one time it would be good to sing "Nickleback" because it's so bad, but because it's such a bad song, it's really hard to sing.  It's a very awkward melody.

20. "When a song comes on that you just can't not sing along to."

Yes.  But more I would say that I just can't sing one line or phrase that I think is particularly good.

21. "When people think they're super fans but only know the latest record."

No.  This one would have been a definite yes for me a few years back, but I have really changed my ways.  I'm a recovering music snob.

However, music snobbery is like herpes.  It will go away for long stretches of time and then will rear its ugly head when something flares it up, like reading this list.  Once you have it, you never entirely lose it.

Totals: 13 out of 21


David Oliver said...

Kenneth, sorry I didn't get back in time to answer your question in the last post. Yes he did finish the boat except for the sail. Not sure what he was going to do about that. Once the boat was finished, it was parked in his old garage and never moved. Can only speculate why. My sister-in-law was afraid of water...he never finished the plane, she was also afraid of flying. I'm not bad mouthing her. In many ways she is/was (long story) a wonderful woman.

The music? I think it was "Prison Song" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Yeah I know, I'm out of touch.

On this list I'm going to opt out because my comment is too long already. I'll just say that I listen to the Hollies and Phil Collins and love 'em.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

David, there are no rules about long comments around here, nor are there rules for coming back to leave a second one. In my blogger hey-day, we would have epic conversations around here with folks coming back multiple times to comment upon other comments. That was a long time ago before . . . the empire (I mean Facebook. Your brother sounds like me, starting projects and not finishing them.

When I went back to reread that douche list that I did, I was saddened to find that I was much funnier back then. Am I out of practice as a writer or is being funny on Facebook with one sentence at a crack made me not work on my writing as well?

I need to get cracking.

David Oliver said...

Wish I had a clue about funny but I don't. To me the wedding reception post was really funny. People laugh uproariously sometimes about stuff that hits me as mildly humorous. And vice versa. Maybe it's the mood we're in or our experiences in life. All I know is it's good to try and make people laugh and hope you don't make them mad or sound like an idiot yourself in the process.

Cocaine Princess said...

Love The Lost Boys soundtrack. Every song that plays in the movie fits perfectly into the scene. "People Are Strange when you're a stranger...."

Kenneth Noisewater said...

David: You're selling yourself short on your funny. I think I just put more effort in to posts when I was a little younger and more hopeful of a writing career. I guess it's about just getting back to writing because I'm supposed to enjoy it.

Coke: It's a very cool looking movie and sounds terrific. Yeah, it's a little stupid too, but way better than "Twilight" and all that crap.

David Oliver said...

Yep, the more you write the better you get at it. The more adept your fingers get and the bigger your butt gets. It's all about choices. :)

Kenneth Noisewater said...

David: I like to think that I took the bull by the horns and wrote an actual decent and earnest piece for once in my next post. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.