Monday, February 28, 2011

Things Brits Say

I just finished all the seasons of Peep Show on Hulu, and I kind of miss those Brits. I miss the goofy stuff they say. Here are some of the most fun words I can think of right now:

Snog: To kiss

Fancy: When you like something, you fancy it.

Blimey!: This is what you say when you're surprised about something. Apparently, it derives from when people in the 1800's would say "God, blind me."

Chips: Fries

Crisps: Chips (isn't that werid?)

Bollocks: Balls, as in a pair of balls or like an exclamation, "Balls!"

Have a wank: Masturbate

Pull myself off: An even funnier way to say masturbate.

If you still don't think you want to watch this program, give this clip a try, and "step away from the bum (that means butt)."


Gorilla Bananas said...

Step away from the bum? That's the kind of thing you'd say to a bum-pincher. Arse is another word for it.

radioactive girl said...

When I lived in Australia, my best friend and I used to talk about the biscuit monster (because of cookie monster...I used to tease her that obviously cookie was the right word because of cookie monster and there was no biscuit monster). But that's not really an example of a different thing they say, but more of a "I am weird" thing.

I did come back with one bad habit, sometimes spelling things with ou instead of just o, like colour, but I wasn't consistent so then I just kind of looked dumb.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gorilla: Yes, arse is good fun too. : )

Radio: Biscuit Monster sounds like a V.D. symptom.