Saturday, November 12, 2011

Okay, I'm still a little drunk, and it's not easy to see clearly that which I'm typing, but I wanted to get some thoughts down on this stupid rag of a blog.

I was posting random crap on Facebook about Randy Rhoads because it's National Metal Day and I love dead rock stars, especially when they're virtuoso types who were so bored from not doing drugs that they got into a single engine plane with their bus driver's plane who they didn't know was a dumbass coke addict and crashed the plane into their tour bus.

Anyway, all the searching around youtubes eventually got me stumbling upon a bunch of Built To Spill clips, probably my favorite band, and that's something I often lose sight of. They're from Boise, Idaho, but holy crap just listen.

When I was horribly depressed around the time I started this blog, I had a "Depressing as Hell" list, and there were a good number of BTS songs on there, and in fact, I think "Else" is still on the blog music player.

But, there is no song that makes me instantly want to cry more than "Carry the Zero." Jesus H. Christ, it's just so sad. There were nights where I just knew I needed to cry and I'd play this one to get it out there. Weird, right?

Okay, the computer is running out of power, so it's time to go to sleep. Treat yourself to something awesomely depressing and beautiful.


sybil law said...

So are you hungover today?
I always thank you for the music on your blog - we have similar musical tastes, but today's music couldn't have been more timely.
My almost 10 year old is watching/ listening to the VH1 video countdown, and I was damn near crying from the "music" on there. Bunch of auto tuned assholes!! GAAAHHHH!!!
So, in summary, maybe this song would've made me sad, but today, it makes me happy, because I'm cranking it over Usher and Britney Spears.

The Igloo Oven said...

National Metal Day fell on Veterans Day? They are fighting a musical war. Carry the Zero could also be seen as a hopeless math problem. We're all doing math whether we like it or not. My brain is doing chemistry all of the damn time and I didn't even tell it to. You are too. Let's hope our chemistry experiments turn out good and nitro glycerin is never created in our kidneys inadvertently.

Sleep in today my friend.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sybil: More screwed up from the red bull than from the vodka, but thanks. Glad I could bring some good music into your day.

Igloo: Yeah, I always have tried to make sense of the title, and the fact that I haven't quite been able to pin it down I think is a success on their part.