Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So, I'm watching this thing about "Star Trek" on TV, and Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura, the Black officer on the original series, was saying how just when she was getting ready to leave the show to return to a career in musical theater, she met Martin Luther King who told her that "Star Trek" was the only show he allowed his kids to stay up to watch. He was shocked when she told him she was going to leave the show, and he urged her to stay, saying that she can't do that because "for the first time we are seen as we should be seen. You don't have a black role. You have an equal role."

Martin Luther King not only died in the name of civil rights, he kept Uhura on "Star Trek," and for that I'm thankful because she was fine as hell.


sybil law said...

That's an awesome story!
All uplifting here and shit. Whaddya know.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Yes. I was pretty moved by that.

I feel like I'm just writing this thing for Sybil since you're the only one commenting.

I really appreciate it. I probably would stop all together if I had zero comments.