Monday, September 20, 2010

I forgot about the mentality of the single man. I was in a committed relationship for so long that I completely forgot all the nuances of daily bachelor life. I'm not going to say meeting someone consumes me, but it certainly affects my thought patterns and decisions.

When I plan my weekends, I don't necessarily have to meet someone, but I do have to put myself in a position where I could conceivably do so. There's also that pressure on you when you're out, where you know that if you don't approach the person you're attracted to in the room, you're going to regret it. Even if you strike out miserably, you gotta go for it; you gotta fish with a big net.

It can be a little stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun if you have a few good things going on. Right now, there are options, I'd say, but some options are complicated.

The trick is getting in the groove with this sort of lifestyle again so that I can settle in and get more work done in terms of my career and my writing like I know I can. I know I get a lot more done as a single man once the dust settles, and I see a lot of great work down the pike for Bachelor Ken.


radioactive girl said...

I am cracking up picturing you using lines like Larry used and being like him. I'm sure that isn't what you are like but it's making me laugh so I'll pretend.

I haven't ever dated as an adult...except for college, which is WAY different than real life I think. When I get ready to date I am going to have to ask you some questions if that's ok. I have no idea what the "rules" are so hopefully you won't mind helping me with that in about 100 years when I am ready to move on.

Heff said...

True. You get more of what you want done when single. Not sure I'd like to trade back, though.

Good Luck.

Kadonkadonk said...

Jesus, don't ever move to Alaska. If you have to plan your weekends around the potential for meeting someone new, you are either going to need a few back-up livers or you are going to have to learn how to be alone and happy with that.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Radio: I'm not going to say that I'm entirely unlike Larry or like him, but I will say that he is what I fear becoming.

Heff: Yeah, you seem like you got a good thing going with your lady. : )

Donk: Yeah. I'd probably end up ice fishing and cutting a hole to put my . . . never mind.

b.burjan said...

it's all good either way. when i'm in a relationship, i don't get shit done, like writing, painting, etc. relationships are death like that for me, shit, i even got rid of a really, really good girl once because i was so frustrated with my lack of production. on the other hand, i'm much more centered when i'm in a relationship, much less self just have to pound the keys out like crazy, until the next girl comes along.

BeckEye said...

Losing the mentality of a single man is probably the best thing you could do for yourself!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Burjan: So true! They center us, ground us, and stifle us. Can't live with 'um, can't live without 'um.

Beck: You think? So long as I don't have that mentality when I'm 50.