Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 Cubs Game Damn Shame Game One

I'm going to do a blog post for every Chicago Cubs game I go to; this being my first paid year on the season tickets I've been sponging off my friends on for years.

Who Went: Just me and Brutus today.  We traded in our season tickets in the upper deck for some seats in the sun because it was around 30 degrees with the wind.

What I Drank: No beer today with it being a Sunday and a long week ahead of me.  Just one coffee

The Outcome: Cubs lost 4 to 3 to the Reds in pretty lousy fashion.  Soriano had a dropped fly ball and some spectacular big league strikeouts. 

Today's Revelation: I saw that Wrigley awards designated drivers with a Good Sports raffle where the drivers can win things.  I think it would be funny if Brutus and I stumbled in there blind drunk, slurring, belching and hiccuping our way through telling them that we were both each others designated drivers.  "I'm driving (hic) him home and he's (burp) driving me home.  Whaddawe win?  A beer or sumphin'?"


sybil law said...

Next game against the Reds, make sure you wave, maybe hold up a sign that's says, "Dr. Kenneth" or something.
Yay, Reds!
Uh, sorry, though...

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Darn! Forgot to talk about the guy who leaned over for a ball, fell in "the basket" and got thrown out. And Red will beat us plenty, along with everyone else.