Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Today's Crap Does Not Compare to Yesterday's Crap

I saw a crap episode of "Grey's Anatomy," which is no surprise, seeing as it's a crap show, and they were all breaking character and singing songs, trying to be all serious; but, it was completely laughable. My roommates were looking at me like I was nuts when I likened it to the ill fated, short-lived 1990 TV Series that Steven Bochco on a coke binge somehow talked ABC executives into airing, "Cop Rock," in which cops sang like they were in a Broadway show. Even as a kid, I knew I was watching something truly awful, and it makes me laugh that people watch "Grey's" (people, mostly women, call it "Grey's" for short) talk about this awful show and actually cry during it, even when it's unknowingly paying an homage to "Cop Rock."

So, here at The Gancer, I have decided to watch a few clips of "Cop Rock" to see just how terrible it really was, and I'll share those clips and my analysis with you, My Beloved Seven Readers.
Okay, here's the clip from "Grey's"
Now, wasn't that a steaming pile of dog crap burning brownly on the sidewalk? Yes, but get a load of this:
I really like when the defendant looks around the room when everyone starts singing about his guilt, but then he chimes in with singing of his own to croon, "I was abused as a child." But wait, it gets shittier . . .
Holy mackerel, that's piss poor!! Or is it genius? This is the end of the 80's when coke was super chic for rich people to do, but then the war on drugs hit them hard, right? No, it's a totally dumb song.
This has been an excruciating journey into bad television that never should have been done, but let's do one more clip, shall we?
Was anyone else likening these dancing homeless people to the dancing zombies in Michael Jackson's "Thriller?" Also, do you think some of those actors are actually homeless now? I sure hope not. I mean, this show wasn't their idea; they just needed the work.
Anyone else remember any craptacular shows that they can't believe existed? You know what? I've never seen Xanadu, and I need something to screen at The Gancer that my friends and I can goof on with witty commentary over it. Would that be a good one to use? Another thought was an episode of "Sex and the City:" "Dudes in the City Watching Sex and the City." Any other ideas? Your input could spark an idea from which literally tens of people could benefit.


Aubree said...

i keep hearing about that stupid grey's anatomy episode. that sounds retarded. it's not glee (that sucks too)

Aubree said...

oh and i saw a musical called xanadu. it was alright but not that great. i can't think of any shows that should exist though.

radioactive girl said...

I am laughing about your whole Greys Anatomy thing. I confess I do watch it, but I mostly hate the show because it is so ridiculous. The thing that keeps making me come back is that every once in a while they will have a tiny moment where someone is going through something I am going through and they get it so right that it feels like someone finally understands what I have been trying to say. An example is when Izzie had cancer and her husband totally freaked out and abandoned her. The way she kind of went crazy and kept trying to do everything normal when it so clearly was not and not really give in to the whole cancer thing, while also not getting super pissed at her husband who just abandoned her to deal with it alone was just so exactly right that I can't not watch it so I don't miss something like that. Unfortunately it takes so many wasted hours to get that one 5 minute thing that I feel like I am on drugs chasing the buzz that just will never be as good as it was the first time.

I never saw Cop Rock before. That is hilarious.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Bree: Xanadu I think is about a futuristic world where they roller skate a lot. It can't be good.

Radio: I hear you about watching something over-and-over, hoping it will illicit that one response you got that one time. I won't judge you for watching "Grey's" if that's the reason. : )