Saturday, April 06, 2013

I went to see Anthrax last night because 16-year-old Dr. Ken would never forgive 36-year-old Dr. Ken if I passed up the chance.  I was in the pit for about 30 seconds, and I felt my hand go into someone's mouth (no idea who's) and touch someone's tongue. That was enough. Incredible concert. Once I washed my hands.  Then we went out and got horribly drunk.

Taking public transit this afternoon to go fetch my car that I left at work, I was eating a bag of combos, a horribly unhealthy snack and the only thing I have eaten all day, and I saw a friend of mine walking towards me.  I was then relieved to realize it wasn't him.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the guy, and if fact, I like him quite a lot.  It was just the thought of putting forth the effort to have a conversation at that time seemed like a laborious task.  

You ever feel like that?


bschooled said...

I feel like that all the time. I once tried to do the duck and dodge to an old co-worker, for no other reason than I was hungover and didn't feel like making small talk.

Turns out in order to pull off the move effectively, you actually need someone (or something) to duck behind.

Cocaine Princess said...

Anthrax-- that must have been one extremely loud concert.

Gorilla Bananas said...

It a common feeling. The best thing to do is say 'Hi X, I can't talk now because I'm totally wasted (or whatever)." It has the merit of honesty and is more dignified that hiding.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

bachool: I didn't have the energy to duck under anything. I was just going to claim to be my twin brother, even if I don't have one.

Coke: It was, but they were also very charming and professional. Great band.

Gorilla: Quite true, I was catching a train. Could have used that one . . ..