Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dr. Ken, Mrs. Noisewater, and Pau: The Oneness

I have been writing on this blog for a long time now.  Around 10 years.  Who I was when I started was a suddenly single young man (but pretty much a boy) fresh off a divorce.  There are entries about my single days on here that are sometimes funny, sometimes embarrassing, but always me.  No matter how much I have evolved and grown up over these years, it's still me.  And the roller coaster of my career changes are almost as nutty as the dating saga.  And yes, a lot of drunken tales of lunacy.

Then one day I decided to grow up.  I decided to make Mrs. Noisewater formally Mrs. Noisewater.

The ring was burning a hole in my pocket like Frodo walking through Middle Earth as we waded through the crowds in the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights.  Turns out Europeans must love lights and captive animals.  Sorry if you're European, but some of those folks can be a little pushy and shovey in a crowd.  We were both getting aggravated, and anger is not a good emotion to go on when one pops the question.

Then as we walked towards North Pond (a great little gourmet restaurant in the middle of the park), I thought somewhere en route I could do the deed.  Just as I was considering it, Mrs. pointed out that it was dark, swampy, and smelly.  She was right.  The Dagobah System* hardly has the right conditions for romance, so we forged ahead.
Anyone smell bat guano?
We were around a half hour early for our reservations, and she said we should just go in and have a bottle of wine at the bar while we wait.  I noticed that outside the restaurant there was a perfect skyline view overlooking the pond with some benches, so I said we should just sit down for a minute and enjoy the night and the view for a moment.  This is when she knew something was up because I wanted to do something like that rather than drink wine.

Essentially what I told her is that what I dig most about her is that she not only puts up with my weirdness, but she likes it.  She enjoys my company and we're both laughing all the time.  I then looked her in the eye, got one one knee, finally got that ring out of my pocket, and asked her if she was willing to spend the rest of her life with a nut like me.  She cried, said yes, and we eventually made our way inside.

The meal was awesome just like it was when we went at the same time last year (the day after Christmas - our relatively new tradition).  When we were getting ready to leave, Mrs. Noisewater pointed out that Pau Gasol (one of my favorite Chicago Bulls players) was sitting near the exit.  I decided I had to say something to him but not bother him and mess up his evening that he was having with a lady of his own.  I walked by, stopped by his table momentarily to say discreetly, "Hey Pau, keep it up.  Go Bulls.  Keep it up."  He smiled, gave me a fist pump, and I headed out of there high on life.  How could this day get any better?

Pau was surprised to see me that night.
I then surprised Mrs. Noisewater with an impromptu engagement party that I arranged with many of our good friends at a nice neighborhood bar down the street that has lots of peoples' dogs in there all the time for some reason.  We had some of our closest friends congratulating us, toasting us, and we were petting random peoples' adorable dogs.  What more can you ask for?

I know I have slowed writing production down a lot lately, but don't worry, folks.  I will NOT be that guy that finds love and then hangs up their blog.  I have seen that too many times, and I refuse to be that guy.  I want you all here with me when I move into another chapter of my life.  Thanks, everyone for being with me over the last decade.  It's been quite a ride.
*That was my second nerdy reference.  Deal with it.  I'm a grown-ass nerd now.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Congratulations, Dr Ken, and how lovely that your bride-to-be cried. I assume they were tears of happiness.

Fredulous Yo said...

Congrats, yo.

I think Mrs. Noisewater should have a blog where she posts responses to your posts and reviews of men's deodorants.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gorilla: I think that was the happy cry, yes. It was a pretty magical day all in all.

Fred: You saying my bride to be should be an armpit sniffer? HAhahaha

Fredulous Yo said...

No, I actually think that might be somewhat impractical. A more efficient way of doing things would be for her to obtain cans of deodorant and then inhale the scent straight from the nozzle. But not in a solvent abuse kind of way.

Jimmy Fungus said...

Finding a girl that will "not only put up with one's weirdness, but actually likes it" must be a hard thing to find. You are a very lucky man, sir!

billy pilgrim said...

congratulations dr ken!

i'm closing my eyes and reliving the marriage of ellsworth and alma garret. wearing gloves like ellsworth would be a nice touch of wierdness.

Mr. Shife said...

Congrats Dr. Ken and soon-to-be Mrs. Dr. Ken. A great story and I'm glad you shared it will all of us. Also, glad to hear that you will not be that guy who hangs up the blog. Cool that you got to converse with Pau. Look forward to reading all about the next chapter of your life.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Fred: You're a strange fellow. I think that's why I keep coming by your page. Normal people totally suck. Deodorant huffing weirdos kick ass.

Jimmy: It was a long journey to find this special gal. Trying to change myself for girls wasn't where it was at. Finding the cool one that digs me for who I am makes a lot more sense and is making me a whole lot happier. Thanks!

Billy: You mean the loveless marriage out of convenience from Deadwood? Different type of marriage then ours, but I think the outfits could work . . .

Shife: Thanks, old buddy. I am finally growing up and starting a family like my long-time blog buddy, Shifey. Has been a helluva ride, dog.