Saturday, November 07, 2015

Man Night

I have some friends coming over in a bit for one of our Man Nights (no wives, kids, or girlfriends aloud). After spinning records and sampling a few craft beers at my place, we're going to go down the street to a nice restaurant that I've been meaning to try. Going to dinner with just dudes was not something I did in my twenties. Back then the dinner might be a slice of pizza chased down with something in the neighborhood of 30 beers. As a matter of fact, if 20's Ken just heard 30's Ken's nerdy agenda for the night, he would makes an excuse to blow off 30's Ken and never call him again.

However, right about now, being with a collection of some of the best friends I've ever had with great music and tasty beer sounds perfect. Here is some of the stuff that will be going down so that you, my beloved readers, can feel like you're here with us. For the virtual version of the party, all are welcome (women, children, and members of the animal kingdom included).

I got this on hand. It's one of my favorite beers ever. This is not my house in the pic. I can prove it because Mrs. Noisewater and I have no fireplace. We would like one, but not as much as we would like a dishwasher.
And let's not forget the vinyl that will be spinning:

Bought this one for $0.99 over a year ago, and I haven't found the occasion to throw it on. The soundtrack to a buddy cop show is the perfect accompinanet to a buddy's night, I think. And Crocket and Tubbs would surely agree. 
I haven't played Vol 4 or Masters of Reality in a helluva long time, so I decided to just play them both. Maybe what I'll do is pick the best side of each, and play each of those sides. That's a diplomatic and time efficient solution. Thanks for pointing me in that direction, beloved readers.
I have a warped version of Santana's first album that is TWICE as bad as this one, and the thing is that despite the fact that the needle raises over an inch up and down as it spins, it plays perfectly! There are some jams on this one, such as "Jingo," but mostly I just want to show my buddies how it wobbles away and plays just fine. Looks like the less warped record in this picture is a Beatles one based on the big apple, don't you think?
I do enjoy a good cheese spread, and hopefully they offer a good one at the fancy-pants restaurant tonight. Someone told me recently that cheese has addictive qualities like drugs. I for sure suffer from this affliction because if there is a fancy cheese in the fridge, I will go to town on it when I come home drunk or during the day when I'm not even hungry. I may have a problem, but tonight I'm going to feed the cheese beast what he wants, and that's a lovely Gruyere, or whatever the fuck.
Then we will go to a few bars and possibly end up at the infamous Liars Club. At that point all classiness will come to a screeching halt, and we will be reverting back to the 20's versions of ourselves, dancing our faces off to goofy stuff like Britney Spears immediately followed by moshing around to Suicidal Tendencies. Hey, did I ever tell you about the time my buddy was taking a pee there and felt something dripping on his bare feet (he was wearing flip-flops)? It was his own pee dripping through a hole in the urinal. Now, you know a place has a certain cache' if we continue to go back there when there are disgusting health code violations such as that. I wouldn't try their cheese tray, let's put it that way.

Thanks for joining the party, readers. Hope you are also having a fantastic weekend.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I don't know much about the music, Dr Ken, but the beer and the cheese look like the elephant's nutsack (as we say in the jungle). It's funny you mentioned Britney Spears, because I recently found out her name is an anagram for 'Presbyterians'.

Jimmy Fungus said...

I have had too many Man Nights in my life... literally "man" night because it would be a night of me doing something with no one else there. It would go something like this... go to McDonald's and buy a McChicken sandwich (or 2 if I was trying to splurge) then go home, eat my sandwich and listen to the Chuck Swirsky Show (and tape it so I could listen to it again later). I hope this passes for a comment because it's all I could think of.

Vapid Vixen said...

Mmmmmm cheese. I too suffer from that particular addiction. I've peed on my own foot before as well. Except it was in the woods. And my balance was non-existent.

Exile on Pain Street said...

When I was in my 20's my alcoholic/gambling addict pals and I would make an annual springtime pilgrimage to Las Vegas. We called it Camp Testosterone. No women allowed. It was kind of a joke because we're all just pencil-pushers at heart and wouldn't have know what to do with a stripper if she threw herself at us. One by one, everyone bailed out on those trips. Wives. Mortgages. Kids. The usual. Boy, do I wish we could throw one of those together again. I was kicking the idea around with my best pal but then he got laid off. That's that.

billy pilgrim said...

moderation is for monks so give'r hell.

i got together with some old high schools friends and it was excellent. we could curse and and be totally gross knowing that no one would be offended.

Cocaine Princess said...

Miami Vice---- too awesome!!

Mr. Shife said...

Sounds like a good time to me. Hope you had fun with the fellas.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gorilla: The elephant's nutsack needs to work its way into my disgusting lexicon. Thank you!

Jimmy: That sounds divine! I didn't know you were a fan of Chicago sports radio. You know what's the worst? When the Bears totally suck and they still deeply analyze them all day every day.

Exile: That sounds awesome and worthy of a blog post to tell the story properly. "Boy's night out!!"

Billy: Wait, are monks really into moderation? Because never having sex and living with all dudes is pretty extreme. Hmmmm. Anyway, hope you enjoy those nights with the boys and all the farting! Yay!

Coke: That album didn't last long. I think we got through the theme song, and then I took it off the player myself. Still, the cover art was worth passing around.

Shife: It was most definitely a blast. We brought so much beer into the BYOB that I thought they'd throw us out.

derrick recky said...
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