Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bait Car

Did you know there is a show called "Bait Car" on TrueTV in which a car is left unlocked and running in various ghettos, and they see who will try to steal it? Then the cops in the van freeze the car up remotely so it can't run anymore and the robber is locked from the inside.

I just hope that they pull those cars up to trailer parks too so that people see that poor white people will steal too.

Check out this guy. He doesn't know that there was a camera in the car busting him crying, so he comes out of the car with his hardcore gangster vibe.


sybil law said...

Hahaha! I might have to watch that show - never heard of it!
I like how the dude knows HE fucked up, and then he gets out with the attitude- maaaan.

Heff said...

Pretty sure everything on "Tru Tv" is even more RIGGED than other "Reality" based garbage.....

"Rodger on that, let's give him a minute to compose himself, hide his drugs, and pull a weapon...."