Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I Want To Freeze Time . . .

. . . so that I can catch up on things, but if I did that, would I age during the frozen time? Would I end up abusing it to the point where I would age 20 years during a span of time that would only be 5 years to everyone else?

There's just never enough time to get everything done. But when I was high school, all I wanted to do was fast forward until it was over with, and I didn't care about getting anything done.

Well, if I got freezing power, I swear I wouldn't use it to do silly stuff like change two people's hats around, like a punk kid's baseball cap from one guy and swap it with an old Black lady's big church hat. Okay, I can't promise I wouldn't do stuff like that. I'd make a lousy super hero. If I were Freeze Time Guy, and I was in The Justice League, they'd always be looking for me to help thwart the plans of Dr. Doom, or whoever, and I'd be out a-hat-swapping.

Point being, Dr. Kenneth has too much crap going on this week and needs a little R & R if he can't get the superpowers. Yet.


sybil law said...

Freezing time would be AWESOME. Hat swapping would be fun, but would probably get a little boring after a while. I'd move people around, like, up into trees or something.

radioactive girl said...

I totally agree. If I could freeze time for even just a few minutes it would be easier for me to catch up. What is really funny is that when I am super busy I seem to waste time trying to decide what to do first. Instead of trying to figue out when to do each thing if I just started doing something I would at least be making progress. If you learn how to do this can you tag me (or however it works, you'd have to tell me once you figured it out) so I can have some extra time too?

Heff said...

I would freeze time ONLY to make all hot women NAKED.


The Igloo Oven said...

I think you should freeze time and really swap hats on a lot of people, on a mass scale. That could buy you more time after you unfroze things because then people would be really confused, and it would mess with everyone's perception on reality. And everyone would probably call in sick that day. They would be so confused and sickened by the sweaty fedora that's suddenly on their head.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sybil: Getting someone into a tree would be tough. That would be like mischief AND a workout.

Radio: I'm the same way. I need to make a list of shit to do on the chalkboard in my kitchen, or nothing will ever get done.

Heff: I guess that's okay to get them naked, so long as you don't molest them. And you gotta put their clothes back on when you're done having a look.

Igloo: I'll need a few good men if I take this to that level. Let me know if you're available for this Mass Hat Swap operation.

Zackery said...

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