Friday, June 14, 2013

Sleep Peeing or Pee Walking?

Last night a friend was telling me that she had an old friend stay over for a weekend, and after a night of hard drinking, this friend did some "sleep peeing" in a couple spots in the apartment.  My friend said she had no idea it happened until a day or two later when she smelled pee and first discovered that her friend had opened up the oven door and peed all over it.  

Sniffing for more pee, her nose led her to her entertainment center where her friend had peed all over the place, ruining the DVD player.  

Now, those two places are nothing like toilets.  The oven door lowers down, whereas a toilet seat lifts up.  And then the entertainment center, did she eject the little slide and pee right into the DVD slot because that is nothing at all like a toilet.  

This leads me to believe that this was an intentional pee pee attack!

"Dang!  Almost made it to the oven."

What do you all think?  Anyone have any "pee walking" stories?  Also, which do you think is a better term, sleep peeing or pee walking, and why?


Mr. Shife said...

I prefer sleep pissing myself, and this happened all the time in my fraternity days. Guys would pee in their closets, their dresser drawers, and the champion sleep pisser woke up one night during a camping trip to pee all over his tent. His date was not impressed. He was forever known as Pedro Pantalones.

Vapid Vixen said...

What the hell? This is really a thing? And if so, I'm going with sleep peeing. Pee walking just makes me thing of someone who's too busy to stop so they're just walking while wizzing.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

The dresser drawer one is really gross, probably soaked all through the clothes and into the grain of the wood and . . . yeah, would be time to wash that dresser with gasoline and dry it with a match.

Vapid: True. But maybe it needs to be Pee-pee sleep walking so that all elements are expressed?

The Grand Wave said...

I knew a guy in college that would get super trashed and pee on anything with an LED light. This happened upwards of 20 times throughout college. No clock, DVD player, laptop, or telephone was safe from his drunk pissing. As for me, I only did this once, and I peed on my dirty laundry in my closet. I think I just opened the door and let it rip.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Dirty laundry is about the best thing you could have peed on. Just throw it all in to the laundry. You're a very practical sleep-peer!