Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Who in the Hell Wants to Read Another Weekend Wrap-Up?

The 80's-themed, birthday party was a huge success. I never got around to asking the hot neighbor girls, see a couple of posts ago, to come to the party, partly because I spent all day cleaning and partly because I'm a big, sissy boy.

My Greatest American Hero costume, complete with official t-shirt and homemade cape, was badass! Something about wearing a cape made me dart out of the room each time I had to go somewhere, just to make the cape flutter in the breeze.

When I picked up my pre-party slice of pizza I asked Oscar, our local pizza guy, to come by when he got off work, and he did! The five tenants of our apartment all go in there a couple times a week, and there were a bunch of former tenants that went ape shit when they saw him, and he remembered what many of them used to order. Oscar had a ball. I really wanted the pizza guy to get laid, but even more I wanted the pizza guy to bring pizza, and neither one of those things happened. However, he did light up when I stopped in today, he thanked me for the invite, and most importantly, he shaved the change off of my meatball sub.

Hungover as I was, and as frigid as the Chicago morning was, I was not going to pass on a free ticket to Soldier Field for the NFC Championship game. Well, I know it was only a game, and some of you may not understand, but it was one of the most thrilling, heartwarming events of my life. This city loves its Bears, and they're only really good every 20 years or so, which makes for a lot of fans showing love for their team and their fellow fans.

For hours after the game every car that was driving by was honking their horns and hollering their Bears' praises out their windows. My buddy saw an old guy shoveling his driveway and said to him, "How are you doing this evening?" to which he replied, quite simply, "Bears."


K.I.D. said...

The Greatest American Hero?

Well played.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

The GAH costume was sweet. (And I know what you mean about wearing capes. I love wearing capes and if I could do it on a regular basis I would!)

Inviting the pizza guy to a party and then getting him laid would have been so 80's, like something you'd see in Sixteen Candles or Weird Science.

Alannah said...

I agree, getting pizza guy laid would have been the icing on the 80s-themed cake.

And I love just answering "Bears." Like in Being John Malkovich, everyone in Chicago just walking around in a giddy drunken stupor saying "Bears? Bears! Bears." over and over.

mysterygirl! said...

I love that you invited the pizza guy-- that's too awesome.

And yay Bears! I cheered them on from the third deck. It's so awesome that you got a free ticket to the game-- that's about the best birthday present ever.

classyandfancy said...

I believe seeing Pac Man in stretch acid wash jeans was a definite highlight.

And all I can say is BEARnard BEARrian!!!

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

K.I.D.: I was really dissapointed that more people didn't know who I was. The blond, afro wig would have sealed the deal, but I didn't want to wear one, damnit.

Cherry: You're right. That would have been SO 80's, kind of like The Pope getting shot.

Alanah: We were muttering Bears with permasmiles on our faces, and we will continue to do so for 2 weeks, and hopefully beyond . . .

Mystery: Whatchyoutalkin' 'bout 3rd deck? Your sweet taking with that ref is really paying off. Keep it up!

Classy: He is your dogg! I don't have a favorite. It's like picking between my children, if I had them. If someone had to pick between their children, I could say, "That's like picking between my Bears" because I know what that's like.

Steph said...

You should wear that cape every day and 'dart' about at every oppertunity. That would be cool.

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

I was thinking the Bears comment (which I love)was like the Station creatures from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. That was such a good movie and would make great 80s superhero costumes.

Drunken Chud said...

so after the nfc championship game, one could say, believe it or not you're walkin' on air? you never thought you could feel so free ee ee? you're flyin' away, a wing and a prayer. who could it be? believe it or not it's just ken?!

and dude, i know what you're talking with people just answering "bears". this fall when the tiggys were in the playoffs, this town was ELECTRIC. just walking up to someone and saying, "how bout those tigers?" you'd get people within a 30foot radius to smile. god help this town if the lions EVER accomplish anything. it would be exactly like alannah said. the only words spoken would be "lions lions? ooooh, lions lions lions lions; LIONS! hahahahalions."

btw, i'm rooting for da bears. i just want to see peyton get embarrassed by rex... who is... not all that dependable.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

It's probably just as well you didn't invite the neighborhood ho's. One glimpse of the red tights would've sent them screaming into the night.

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Steph: I'm thinking of incorporating the cape into my 'drobe.

Not Carrie: I'm not as familiar with Bogus Journey as I am with Excellent Adventure. Anyway, "Be excellent to each other . . . "

Chud: I'm glad the Bears have The Chud's support! All Sexy Rexy has to do is NOT throw any pics, and the running game and defense will get it done.

Mighty: You're right. I had my virtual armadillo in my trousers. Quite frightening.

Matt said...

Surely you in the cape must be the new profile pic!

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Matt: That's not a bad idea! I'll look dashing . . .