Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Biz VS The Ken

Here's a text message conversation between myself and my good friend, Big Business, with topics ranging from the Chicago Bulls, cheerleaders, balls, and all kinds of other great stuff.

Dr. Ken: Watching the game online. Lovables r all grenades. They make up for their thunder thighs with their beat faces.

The Lovables are the Bulls cheerleaders.

Big Bizznazz: No. I like chunky chicks a lil' bit.

DK: I suppose I like them the way they r. That is just a little Midwest winter weight. I'd cuddle them all.

BB: Chubby ones tend to pay more attention to ball than skinny ones. Maybe the heavy ones feel like they have to?

BB: Like they sit and listen to their skinny friends say shit about not touching their boyfriend's nuts, and they figure if they do, they can get guys cuz skinny chicks aren't paying attention to the balls.

DK: Most attention to balls seems fleeting, just to say they did it, but I really like the ones out there who love a good bean bag.

BB: Oh yeah. The ones that treat it's a waffle cone and ice cream is dripping out of it.

BB: Like they move the wang out of the way just to get to the balls. Now, that's dedication to the balls.

DK: Haha! These girls got a lot of ass in those shorts. Like you can pull the shorts down slow and booty pops out of there like a magician's flowers.

BB: They're chunky, indeed. Like you can hear the shorts come off.

DK: Big Sexy used to pork 2 in the showers nightly. Both Bulls bigs had 15 or 16 boards.

Kurt "Big Sexy" Thomas played for the Bulls last season (seen below).

BB: Yeah. Double doubles are in recognition of the cheerleaders' behinds.

DK: Haha! In remembrance of Big Sexy's postgame shower ritual.

DK: He has Old Spice ejaculate.

BB: Big Sexy definitely ejaculates solid deodorant sticks.

This last part of the convo gets a little weird, but I know I laughed my ass off.


b.burjan said...

those chicks have no problems at all getting's the really big ones who try the hardest at pleasing men, it's kinda like the guy with a small dick driving the hummers and those monster pick ups.

Anonymous said...

i drive a mid-sized sedan

Trooper Thorn said...

I'm so confident, I walk everywhere.

james douglas morrison said...

I wish the bulls traded boozer and kept big sexy. last part of the convo is hilarious. oh I am watching the doors movie right now.

sybil law said...

This skinny girl likes the balls. Had to be said.
Otherwise, I am positive you and I (and your friends) would totally get along.
I still need to listen to your podcasts! Wish they were live with a chat room - I'm more apt to listen live! WAH.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Burjan: Yessir. They aim to please.

Anon: Ha! He's midsized, ladies!! : )

Trooper:Wow. That's off the grid for penis implications.

Douglas: Yeah. I miss Big Sexy's defense off the bench. And his Old Spice ejaculate.

Sybil: I end up editing a lot out due to people identifying who they are and stuff that's too gross even for me, os I don't like to do live ones. Thanks for taking care of the balls out there!