Monday, February 27, 2012

Ever Wonder What Would Happen . . .

. . . if the whole world farted at once? 

When you start to type that into google, right when you get to the whole world, it knows where you're going with it.  The first thing that comes up is Yahoo answers, and these are the funniest and most insightful answers.

1. "it would be the funniest end of the planet in the universe, and the aliens would get a right laugh."
  • 3 years ago 22% 2 Votes

2. "You'd probably be able to see a green, stinky cloud arise from Earth that could be seen from space. Nasa could contain the gases and do research on our diets.

How could that happen, though? Consider the time zones. Would some be farting in their sleep?

On the other hand, you'd be able to hear a funny and loud noise that would be a lifelong treasure if you video taped it. I'd be video taping as I that's what I call multitasking!"
3 years ago11% 1 Vote
3. "After 10 seconds - 1 hour (depends on your farting ability again!) The gases and stuff would go into the atmosphere and a bunch of old scientists with funny moustaches would tell us that we sped up global warming by 1 million years . . . . DAMMIT now we only have 998 million years to go before we all burn alive . . . .

I could be a story teller couldn't I . . . with a failing career and lack of talent . . ."
  • 3 years ago11% 1 Vote 

Personally, all I can think of is "I'd like to teach the whole world to fart.  In perfect harmony . . ."  It's really quite a beautiful exercise in world unity, isn't it?  Should we hold hands in a Hands Across America type deal first? 


sybil law said...

No. No hand holding.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I don't think it would achieve anything unless you could find a way of bringing all the gas together and putting a match to it. The atmosphere is huge enough to dilute billions of farts.

Heff said...

That's the kind of shit I dream about.

BeckEye said...

This just reminded me of one of my favorite movie quotes, "Hey everybody, run for your lives, there's a huge shit cloud coming!"