Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Another Weird Guy at the Bar

Last night there was a dude in the bar who came in with an envelope to give to the bartender, which he said was his "sex tape."  Turns out it is a tape of him on "Wife Swap" because he had been telling the bartender girl about it.  Remember Ratner from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High?"  He looked just like him, only he was hunched over.  He told us that his doctor said he has a "lazy back."

Later when we were doing some evil shots of Jameson, due to fricking Southie ordering them up a couple times, just after Rattner downed his, he darted into the bathroom, so we think he may have thrown up.  Still, he kept right on drinking as every good regular should.

I don't know how we got going on this, but he was quizzing me on my 90's rock knowledge, and of course I was killing it.  However, I was really disappointed that I couldn't remember Better Than Ezra.  God, that song was annoying.  Who the hell was Ezra?  And if they are better than him, just how shitty was Ezra?


radioactive girl said...

I used to love Better Than Ezra although I only think I know that one song.

I remember playing some drinking game in college and I had to kiss some guy (I have no idea...I was drunk...I can not make any sense of the game when I think about it now). The guy had just gone to the bathroom and I had no idea he had just thrown up until after I kissed him. Gross! He kept right on drinking too. Must be a guy thing because once I puke, I'm done.

sybil law said...

Better Than Ezra... huh -I would've missed it, too.
Ratner - such a little douche. I wish you'd gotten a pic with the guy, though - my curiosity is piqued!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Radio: Maybe the barfing was part of the drinking/kissing game, and you just didn't know the rules? Yuck.

Sybil: Tried googling "nerdy guy on wife swap," and couldn't find him. I"ll just have to pop in and ask him to bring in his VHS tape in a manilla envelope like he did for the bartender.

sybil law said...

Sounds legit!