Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Are You an Animal Lover?

Anyone ever see this couple?  I don't want to ruin it for you, but they do it with a horse.  No, they don't show it (thank God, plus that would probably be illegal to post anywhere), but they do talk about it in detail: The horse does it with the wife, and the husband lets the horse do him in the can.  

Sorry you're offended by this.  If so, click away now.  But if you want to delve deeper into these weirdos, by all means . . . 

1. "One thing led to another" and you were blowing a horse for the first time?  That sounds like a couple having consensual sex on a one night stand at a bar, and this is nothing like that; This is forcing sex upon a horse.

2. So he sees her getting it on with a horse, and he is turned on and wants to marry her?  This could be a possible angle for the long awaited season finale of "How I Met Your Mother."  You know, if I had to pick out of a lineup a dude who had sex with animals, I think without having seen this clip I could probably guess this guy would be into something along those lines.

3. The husband says that the true pleasure he gets is not from getting it in the wazoo from the horse but knowing that he is making the horse happy.  What a guy.  What an unselfish lover.  More importantly, what a whack-job deviant scumbag!

4. Hold on a minute . . . The horse blows in his ear and he thinks that is something it does for his benefit?  It's a horse!  And she says that the horse is "courting" her?  These people fail to understand that a horse will put its horse wang into anything handy.  They make like the horse is a suave natural born lover like Richard Gere in "American Gigalo."  No.  It.  Is.  A.  HORSE! 

5. This fella lets a horse bite him while he gets it in the butt from a horse?  And he is on television talking about it?  His mom must be proud.  Wonder if he brings the horse by mom's for Christmas.

Get a look at this clip.  Anything else I missed?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section.  And sorry if you're a little grossed out.  I'm a little uneasy myself.  I need to wash my brain of this couple.


sybil law said...

Hahahahahahholyyyyshiiiit this is real.
I haven't even watched the video. I don't think I've had enough to drink.

Gorilla Bananas said...

If I were I horse I'd definitely hump the woman, her rump is the perfect shape. Why the heck didn't they include Champion in the interview?

Heff said...

Wow. Where's Secretariat when you need him ?

"Death Rides A Horse", lmao !!!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sybil: I think it's worth watching. If nothing else to know that you can laid by humans.

Gorilla: That's true! Her butt is rather horse-like. I can see it.

Heff: I hope when they put horses out to stude, they're not humping nasty chicks like this. I'd rather just go to the glue factory.

Henrietta Collins (aka Kage) said...

is that even legal??? GROSS

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Henrietta: That's what I don't get. Why wouldn't they just arrest these people? Damn horse fuckers . . .

Anonymous said...

What ever turns you one is ok with me.