Thursday, May 03, 2012

I'm Tired of Wicked-Fat People

I'm sorry if I'm alienating readers, but when I'm averaging like 1.2 comments a post, what do I really have to lose at this point?

When I watch the "Biggest Loser" and see these enormously fat people, I think what all of you think, "How in the hell did you let yourself get so mammoth?"  Now, I'm not talking about people 20 or 30 pounds overweight because that happens.  I'm talking about the big ass 300 + pounders.

There are a ton of excuses that wicked-fat people have been using for decades now, and none of them are valid, as you can see:

"It's genetic."  Could be.  Or maybe your parents eat like shit so you didn't know any better.  Now you're an adult so stop eating like crap.

"I'm big boned."  Yes, sometimes people have bigger frames, so there are those people who will never be a size 2 or have that 30 inch waist through healthy and safe means, but when you're 350, the bones have nothing to do with it.

"I eat because I'm depressed."  Maybe so, but try eating right and exercising for just one week and tell me if you're feeling nearly as bad as when you were killing that entire bag of hot chips when you promised yourself you'd only have a few.

"I just don't have time to work out."  I don't care what your job is or what your family obligations may be, you cannot tell me you can't find an hour somewhere in your day 5 days a week for the sake of your own health and lifespan.  Get up an hour early and work out in the morning or go for a run on your lunch hour, but do something.  Sometimes fat people feel embarrassed when they work out, but you know what I say when I see a fat person jogging by the lake?  "Way to go, buddy!  Keep that shit up!" 

"My significant other likes me the way I am."  I guarantee that when she said she likes a man with a little meat on his bones, she did not have three hundy' in mind.

People, we only get one life, and we only get one body.  Do you really want to spend your one life looking like the Michelin Man?  You don't need to go on the "Biggest Loser" and lose 150 pounds in 6 months because that's just not healthy.  You don't need to have unnecessary surgery in the form of stapling your stomach so small that it can only handle so much - it's called just not putting so much damn food into it (try some self-control!)  

Start small.

How about just switching to diet soda?  You don't like the taste?  No?  How do you like your dickie-do?

How about cutting out fast food.  Do you really need that processed crud?  You want grade D meat simply because you don't want to leave the comfort of your own car to feed yourself?

How about cutting out fried foods?  My doctor told me one of my cholesterol levels was slightly high, and that was all I had to hear.  Any time I can get something besides fries, I do it.  Yeah a side salad is not nearly as awesome as some seasoned fries from Bennigans, but my arteries don't get clogged from vinaigrette, and I don't feet like I need an immediate carb nap the way I do after a big-ass plate of fries. 

It's a simple formula: Just don't take in twice as many calories as you burn.  You can manage that.  Yes, you can start small, but it's important that you start today.  Throw out all your bad foods, go for a run, make some promises to yourself, and keep those promises.  Or live your life as the Michelin Man, but I doubt that's what you really want.  


Maha Lub said...

i would no say i hate them but there are some persons that piss me off!!! when you see a 300 pounds mother giving fast food to a fat kid at 11am... this is a crime!!!!!
parents have to learn how to feed their children in order to be healthy, transforming kids in fat sick persons is killing them...... i would imprison that kind of people!

sybil law said...

Seriously - I HATE The Biggest Loser - I don't even understand how it's so popular. I mean, I guess if it inspires someone at home to lose weight, great, but I don't think that's happening.
Also, diet drinks don't work. I see obese people buying diet drinks alllll day. That and green tea.
It really does seem to come down to just being inactive. Like, crazy inactive. It's sad, really, but you're right - at some point you just want to say, "Get the fuck up and stop eating!"

radioactive girl said...

First of all, whenever I watch the biggest loser it makes me feel hungry so I eat through the entire show. Probably not what they intended.

I totally agree that I don't understand how someone gets SO overweight. I mean I guess maybe I can't say anything because I have always tended towards being too skinny so I have no idea if it is hard to lose weight but I do know that if you eat a bunch of crap, you feel like crap. I love my nachos but I don't eat them every day!

radioactive girl said...

Oh and also, I read every post I just have been so busy that I don't often sign in and leave a comment because it takes too long and I have so much studying I should be doing instead. Just wanted to let you know that although your comments are low I'm still always here reading. Hopefully that doesn't sound stalkerish because I don't intend it to be!

Heff said...

But.... but then we wouldn't have AWESOME SHOWS like The Biggest Loser !!!

I'm kidding of course, lol.

I'm pretty sure that "Bob" guy is GAY. Not kidding about that....

Anonymous said...

Why is it okay for society to hate fat people? The answer: it shouldn't be.

You don't hate people with heart conditions, or cancer, or lupus, or asthma, simply because they have something that makes them less healthy, but that sure is the argument most people have for disliking fat people. "Oh, its not healthy, that's fucked up, go to the gym and shut up" (beer belch, frat boy high five, etc.)

Guess what? You dont HAVE to listen to them, or anyone, complain about their life circumstances. I don't like listening to half the shit people say, especially when it's intentionally cruel and narrow-minded, but it doesn't effect me in the long run, so I tune it out. How does someone else's weight and battle with their health effect you? It doesn't.

Its really easy for people to preach about how other people can magically lose weight. Its even accepted, and encouraged. What if I went around telling people how they could be funnier, or more educated, simply based on my world view and my direct experience and success within that view? I would be an asshole. I would need to mind my own business. I would be an insufferable prick who shamed others based on their failure to live up to my preconceived notions of what is "acceptable", and "average", and "attractive."

Addiction to food is just like an addiction to anything else. Unless you've been an addict, you have no concept of how ridiculous it sounds to say "just don't do it, simple." Tell that to a heroin addict, or a smoker, or an alcoholic, or someone who is anorexic. "Try some self-control!" is basically the most incomplete response. Its an addiction for a reason, and self-control is only one small part of it. Why not try some sensitivity? Or, if that's too much to deal with, at least ignore it and tell yourself that its wrong to hate people based on differences.

Fat-hate is cruel, harmful, and unnecessary. We all have different bodies and different struggles with health, acceptance, and happiness. You think its hard looking at overweight people and listening to them? Try BEING one who IS working on their body and is still on the receiving end of ignorant, shallow, and inappropriate judgments. I've lost over a hundred pounds with about 40 to go and I LOVE my body. Its not perfect, but I have worked hard to get to this point. And you know what the hardest part was? It wasn't getting my diet on track. It wasn't going to the gym. It wasn't loving myself and believing in myself enough to make positive changes.

It was dealing with smug assholes like you who think you have the right to make ONE SINGLE COMMENT about MY body or MY life.

Jack said...

What do you have to lose? How about any remaining vestiges of human decency, you mean little shit.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's sad to think that in this day and age of liberal, political correctness, that anyone would think it's ok to be overweight and yet still live amongst the norms. How dare they breathe our air and walk our streets, adding undo stress to the sidewalks and floors that we are forced to share with them. I'll bet it's their fast food induced flatulence that perpetuates the global warming threatening to end the world as we know it. Clearly the harbingers of death, we should round "them" all up and put them on cattle cars for forced stays at fat camp. How very dare they.

Urbanist Chic said...

The truth is that there IS an obesity epidemic in America. More than one third of adults are obese, not just fat, OBESE. While bad food and exercise choices are certainly a factor in this, there are also several underlying causes. Many low-income communities lack access to healthy food (food deserts) and sadly many people do not have proper nutrition education. Furthermore, far too many cities are designed specifically for the car, without safe streets to walk or bike. This makes daily physical activity increasingly difficult.

But still I do wonder why there are so many people like those on the biggest loser. People who have the financial means and the education to know how to prevent obesity. Yes, making fun of overweight folks is bad, but obesity and resulting conditions such as heart disease and diabetes is PREVENTABLE! Some of the healthiest people I know were diagnosed with cancer. There was nothing they could do to stop it. But being fat is something that can be stopped, reversed, and prevented. So what will it take to get America healthy?

Mr. Shife said...

Great advice, Dr. Ken, and very true words. I think if there were some actual monetary consequences tied to being wicked-fat like paying extra for health insurance or your airplane ticket or a doctor's visit. I know it will never happen because of people will scream discrimination but what if we got a certain allotted weight for an airplane ticket like 300 pounds and if you exceed that you pay more. Have a good weekend, buddy, and the Bulls are just depressing me now.

Gorilla Bananas said...

The latest research suggests they have an appetite disorder. There was a case where a grossly obese man was reduced to a normal weight by checking into a clinic and allowing doctors to control his food intake. They got him to a normal weight, but the normal diet required to keep him at that weight left him constantly hungry.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Maha: I'm with you there. You can treat your kid to some fast food every now and again, but you don't need to stock your house full of empty calories and processed crap, right? If you want to shovel crap into yourself, go ahead, but not your kid. Thanks for coming by.

Sybil: "Biggest Loser" does not inspire people because not everyone can leave their job for 6 months to go get personal trainers and monitored diets. It's just not in the cards. To do it on your own in the real world, it will take a little self-discipline. I think a lot of people hold onto the hope of a reality show to come save them, and that's screwed up. Just live your reality.

Radio: Thanks for reading! Sorry it took me so long to get back by your site. Keep in touch. : )

Heff: I don't know Bob. Still, the show is funny. I only catch it every now and again and I'm just blown away by these folks. You don't NEED to do it all in 6 months like that. It's okay to do it gradually. I swear that if you're 400 pounds, switching to diet soda alone will knock off like 35 pounds in a month, right?

Anonymous: It doesn't seem as if you were able to "tune out" my "cruel" and "narrow minded" post, but I'm glad you didn't. I'm glad you had a reaction, whatever it may be.

I maybe don't know as much about addiction as some of the experts, but I'm quite sure anyone that has done heroin would be insulted with you comparing the high of it to the high of a cheeseburger. Yes, eating addictions happen, but it's not nearly as chemically addictive as heroin, like to the point where you get withdrawls with cold sweats and shakes and the like.

You're accusing me of "fat-hate," but nowhere in this post did I say "hate" - you did. All I'm saying is folks need to try a little harder before things get carried away to where they're so big that it becomes a disability they created. Remember, I did preface that I'm talking about the overweight - I'm talking about the morbidly obese.

Now, you're not without some good points here. I'm not as narrow-minded as you may think. Yes, it would be good if we had more treatment for overeating like we do for drug abuse because both are killing people.

As for your story about losing weight, that makes you not at all what I'm talking about in this post. You put in work and lost weight, so take it easy on me here. This "smug asshole" is happy for you, sincerely. But after all that hard work, you're sure it doesn't bother you at all when you see giant fat people eating themselves to death and not even trying . . .

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Anon 2: This whole fast food flatulence of the fat theory is worth researching. Well, it's funny at least . . .

Chic: The economic factor is a great point. You must remember, these are just the opinions of one dude. I don't get paid to do this and don't do any actual research. I have worked in inner cities and have found that some people have no idea what is healthy and what isn't, and that's really sad. However, like you say, when you know all of this and still do that to yourself, it's just hard for me to understand. It's not right or wrong, it's just hard for me to grasp it. I don't know everything, I just say what's on my mind.

Thanks for coming by and bringing up a point I should have considered.

Shifey: Oooh. A fat tax. That's not bad. It is bullshit when you get next to a wicked-fat person on a plane and you can barely move the whole damn time. It's bad enough that I'm 6'2 so I can barely fit my legs, but now you're going to waddle into the seat next to me and cut off my lateral movement too? Damn it!

Oh, and the Bulls are done. They aren't even going to advance past the 76'ers.

As always, thanks for coming by, brother. Let me know if you're ever out for a Cards/Cubs game and we'll do a beer. A light one. I'm watching my figure.

Gorilla: Well, he may be hungry a lot, but if he exercised and ate all healthy stuff all the time, I guarantee he wouldn't balloon back up again. You ever hear of an overeater get mammoth fat on vegetables?

Sue said...

Hi, Dr. Kenneth Noisewater. Please post how much you weigh, how tall you are, everything you've eaten in the past week, how many hours of exercise you've engaged in, any health problems you have, your income, how many times you had sex in the past month, how many times you masturbated, whether or not you pick your nose, and the quality of your last bowel movement.

What? You think that's none of my business? Neither is my weight and whether or not I want to lose any of it. Fuck you and your being "tired" of fat PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that you accuse Anonymous of saying "hate" and that you didn't. I'm a writer. You may as well say you hate fat people. Gee, I'm sorry you're tired of people who are overweight. But you know what I'm tired of? Judgmental, opinionated assholes who think their little blog posts telling people with weight issues that all they have to do is eat less, throw out bad foods, exercise, and make a promise to yourself and you'll get thin.

Guess what? You are incorrect. All weight is not alike. Many people take medications or have illnesses that cause weight gain. This weight is more difficult to lose because it is NOT related to being inactive or eating too much.

Does it make you feel good up there on your high horse telling overweight people how easy it is to be thin? Maybe I should write a blog post about judgmental people who write opinionated pieces to hurt people and make it sound like they are weak simply to make himself feel good. I'm pretty sure I can stir up some scientific research to diagnose you, Doctor. Borderline Personality Disorder, anyone?

Here's a clue, since you don't have one: Being a dick never helps anybody.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sue: I do pick my nose, and yeah, I masturbate. A lot. My last bowel movement was nothing to write home about, but I'll keep you posted.

Anon: I'm sorry you think I'm such a dick. Wait, is it dick or borderline personality disorder?

Anyway, yes, there are people with legit medical problems like thyroid issues and things. Yes. Of course. But are an outbreak of medical issues the reason for the majority of obesity in this country? Not likely.

And I stand by that I never said hate, and I never meant hate, no matter what meaning you want to infer. I don't. I just think America needs to be more health conscious. That's all.

oi said...

Here is your customary, expected, nay wanted comment.
I hate people who go, see I could do that and that's why everybody else could, or worse, should do it. First of all, you have to be mentally blind (in other words idiot) to think that everybody is exactly the same. Second, who the hell are you?
You did not maintain your argument even for a second! quote: There are a ton of excuses that wicked-fat people have been using for decades now, and none of them are valid, as you can see:

Sounds like absolute truth only to be followed by: "It's genetic." Could be" Huh? ! You, you little dumbshit you!
Now your actual comment:
You are so transparent. You wanted reactions and comments to your blog you decided to write this sure fire controversial topic. Bravo! you got tons of reactions too. We have an idiom that translates to" I want my cheek to look nice and red so I am going to slap myself silly" Yup! You have tons of comments because you are an idiot asshole! Hurrah! your cheek is redder than ripe tomato!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Oi: Thanks for the comment. Seeing wicked-fat typed by someone else made this idiot laugh.

Sorry I didn't make a strong enough argument for you. Your "dumbshit" one was well though out and air tight.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Anon here, again. Just a quick follow up. Hate is defined as: to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion. I'm pretty sure that calling people wicked fat and saying you're tired of them fits "extreme aversion". Especially since you were compelled to tell us all about it and how we can fix it right up.

Oh, and I'm sorry I was unclear. You're a dick with Borderline Personality Disorder. I wouldn't want you to be confused, though it IS interesting that you were feeling your body is inadequate in comparison to Dylan Macdermott in your other blog. Oh, and that you called him an asshole because is in much better shape than you. You really are a dick.

Casey said...

This is the first anonymous and I would like to respond to a couple of things you said.

After all of my hard work, NO- it DOESNT bother me to see other people who are heavy. I don't know if they are trying to lose weight and I don't care- their bodies are NONE of my business. I don't feel like every single person in the world has to be the same, or take the path I've chosen. I'm also highly educated and have a degree- does it bother me that other people don't? Nope. Also none of my business. No one is required to live their lives based on my standards, or society's expectations.

And yes, I am perfectly capable of tuning out your blog, but I thought it was important to let you know that there is another point of view on this. It was an issue of education and enlightenment from someone in the target group you are addressing.

I did accuse you of fat-hate. Guess why? You wrote a blog expressing your disgust, dismay, lack of understanding, judgments, and exasperation with fat people. You never said you hate them and you didn't have to. The message came through loud and clear.

Just because being overweight is unhealthy doesn't mean that all fat people are unhealthy- you do realize that disease, illness, and high risk health come in all shapes and sizes, right? And addiction is addiction. You want to know how I know that? I spent three years in therapy for addictive behaviors. Four of my group mates were heroin addicts. They commiserated with my various addictions, because they know that feeling. The drug is irrelevant when the battle is against the behavior.

As for you final point, I AM what you're talking about. I am not skinny, I am still chubby. If you saw me out at a restaurant, enjoying the one meal a month where I don't count calories, you would probably make some shitty comment about me in your head. Something like "why not have a salad", or "keep eating, fatass, you're one bite away from a heart attack." And you know what? You WOULDN'T know that I am obsessive about my health and have spent years battling my weight. In that moment, you would be unkind without realizing the heroic struggles I've had. You wouldn't know how many nights I've cried myself to sleep because of my body, or how many times I have had to ignore comments from shitty people. You wouldn't know about how hard it's been to love myself no matter what I see in the mirror. You wouldn't know about the hours I spend in the gym, rejoicing in running my miles just a little faster than the day before. You would judge me based on one moment of seeing me, just like you do with the fat people you're so tired of. You would assume everything about my lifestyle, just like you did in this blog post.

You are wrong. Your perception is wrong. Your prejudice is wrong. The way you talk about fat people is wrong. Your assumptions about the ease and streamline approach to weight loss are wrong. Beyond being wrong, they are hurtful.

I encourage you to read my comments, and read them again. Do it one more time. Then walk away and read them again in five minutes. All I'm saying is that folks need to try a little harder before things get carried away to where they're so mean that it becomes an accepted opinion, and encourages the isolation, mistreatment, and abuse of others.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever see this? I think this should swing the tides in this debate.

WotV said...

I'm the other Anonymous and I support Casey. It is the judgmental ignorance of people like you, who are just cruel, that lump all people together and do not care about anyone's feelings, reactions, physical or mental health issues, or well-being before posting something like this.

I've said what I wanted to say and Casey has said it more eloquently that I, but I would like to revise my comment that you are dick. Considering you've taken the pseudonym of a fictional character's testicle, you aren't even good enough to be a dick.

I pity you and your small-mindedness. Ignorance and prejudice are pathetic.

Oh, and the anon who linked to the offensive video? Seriously? Wow. I feel sorry for you as well.

I won't be visiting your blog again. I won't warn anyone away because that would just give you more attention and as we have learned from Charles Dickens: "This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased."

Goodbye, Dr. Testicle. And next time make sure you don't castrate yourself with your ignorance.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Wot: Sorry to lose you and thanks for all the pity.

Andrew said...

Big Homey (but not too big), I agree with you.

While I pity people who are overweight (my mother is, though not morbidly obese), it gets to a point where you have to gain control of your life.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where we have people like Mo'Nique telling people to love being bigger. While I support being comfortable in your skin, that's an awful attitude as it just promotes people continuously being unhealthy & then excusing it away because they're "happy."

So there's that.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Andrew: Big homey, I feel you. Being confident and loving yourself is important but all the more reason to take care of yourself. Thanks for dropping by. : )

sybil law said...

Holy shit! I missed allll the action on here!
First, to the one Anonymous who keeps posting that YES INDEED YOU CLEARLY HATE FAT PEOPLE - uh, no. Could it be, as a self professed "chubby" person who's worked hard to lose weight, that you're in fact a little defensive when it comes to this topic? I read the same post as you, and I did NOT walk away with the message that Dr. Kenneth hates fat people. I think, much like his other posts about crazy drivers, idiots in general, baseball, etc, etc - he's VENTING. You ever heard of venting? You don't have to like his OPINION, but you're hardly the end-all on what people should or should not say, write or THINK. Guess what? I really don't give two shits if someone is fat or not, and ANYONE and everyone who knows me knows this to be true. I've even gotten pissed off at an overweight friend for being overly critical about overweight people, oddly enough - and told her about it. I asked her why the mere presence of a fat person bothers her so much, because it doesn't bother ME, and I am in no way overweight. So you see, I GET where you're coming from. However, I do think you're defensive, and guess what? There are a LOT of OBESE people out there who could stand to stop eating junky fucking food and MOVE. Period. End of story. Also, I think he made it clear he was talking about obese people. Whether or not he has any "right" to say anything? What gives YOU the right to come here and tell him he's WRONG for thinking that way? I think people suck royally for thinking Coldplay is a great band, and I'm well aware that all the Coldplay fans will hate that, but I'm entitled to my opinion and they are entitled to theirs.
I don't discriminate against fat people, or even obese people. I think it's sad and unhealthy and obviously, so does Dr. Kenneth.
The other Anonymous - you're just sad.
Seriously, people. Get a fucking grip.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Sybil: Thanks. You're right about everyone having opinions. I think fat people can do something about it, and people think I"m a dick for saying that. We're both right. Thanks for getting my back here. : )

Gloria said...

Yes, I'm getting tired of seeing fat people too. I'm working on my weight. I've found success with juicing, but in the process, I've discovered a couple of things about myself. I'm a salt addict, and I'm a junk foodaholic. By juicing for one week, I lost 10 pounds, which was water weight. I hardly had any salt that week, and I was astonished how much weight I love. I HAVE lost weight, and I've got to think about that and maybe post a picture of myself in my new little black dress so I can keep going. I found that I really DO like veggies and fruit, and lean meats. Having a right hemicolectomy about a year ago scared the shit out of me too. Plus, part of me wants to lose enough weight so if men approach me, I can tell them to fuck off because I don't like the way they dress, or I think they are too heavy. I too am tired of seeing men in their late 20s or early 30s waddling around, thinking they deserve a girlfriend who looks like a supermodel, when they are so blobby. I'm not taking about 20-50 pounds overweight. I'm talking about 75-200 pounds overweight. Being that huge is just not healthy. I don't care what anyone says. And if you are heavy because you're taking meds, it's probably because you were heavy to begin with and you are taking meds for a condition which could be controlled by losing a few pounds. I could have dated a guy several years ago, because he was interested in me, but as nice as he was and still is, he's probably 350 pounds and is trying to figure out a way to get disability until he can qualify for regular Social Security. A fat guy who doesn't want to work is unattractive too. In more ways than one.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gloria: Hi. I came back after a couple years and read this post again. I get why people were pissed. I think I made some good points, but my tone did come off a little nasty. Thank you for sharing your story, and I hope things are going well for you.

Unknown said...

I don't hate fate people but I do find them to be disgusting gluttons. How does a fat person effect me? Hmmm currently it is estimated that fat people add an additional 200 billion in healthcare expense. By 2030 it is estimated to reach 500 billion. 900 million extra gallons of gas each year are used to move these whales from one place to another. I can't tell you how many times I've had to sit uncomfortably on a plane or train because rolls of fat were oozing into my seat or how many times I've been impeded because a waddling fat ass was in front of me blocking my way. The excess sweating and wheezing from simply moving makes me want to vomit. Fat people are gluttons consuming 2-3 times as many animals and plant as an average person. During rescue attempts after Katrina the coast guard had a hell of a time rescuing these fat slobs practically needing a chinook to lift these people. I wonder how many people drowned because they had to waste so much time trying to lift a big fat ass who likely doesn't care much about living anyways. Business are forced to incur added expenses trying to accommodate the hogs. Their absenteeism and productivity costs employers hundreds of billions annually and on and on.

I'm not here to make someone feel bad about themselves but I'm also not simply going to accept obesity. If fat people want to be taxed a few thousand a year extra for being fat then that would be a first step but your body effects my pocket so yes this author and myself have every right to criticize you fat slobbering cows and it is what it is. My god some of u fatties can no longer even wipe your own ass