Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You ever feel really depressed and you have no idea why?  It's one thing if you know why, and if that's the case, you can reason yourself through it.  Today there was no particular reason, and I was just stewing in misery for a couple of hours after I got home from work.  When LSD got home, I was a turd for a little while, and then I had to come clean and let her know that I was feeling down.  She wasn't feeling sad, just bored, and she said she needed a project.  I said she should make us some coasters because we need some coasters around this joint.

I don't really do projects these days, so when I feel like that, I need to drink, run, or write.  Tonight I decided to run, and I felt better almost instantly.  During this run, along with curing my depression, I came to these revelations:

1. I'm going to run the Oakland Marathon in March.  I need another race, and I think it would be cool to represent a city like that.  Oak Town!!

2. I don't think I can live anywhere that isn't near a body of water.  Right when I got to the lake part of the jog and saw the skyline, everything got better for me. 

3. There is one other place where I do my best thinking, but I really don't want to share too much about that part of my day.  Who am I kidding, my next post could very well be a Poop Post.


When I got home from the run, LSD was on her computer looking up ideas for the coaster project.  I'm a lucky man. 


Gorilla Bananas said...

Depression for no reason is a chemical thing. The running must have cured it by generating endorphins - Charles Dickens used to go for walks to treat his depression.

Joe White said...

I've read all your posts for the last five years, even though I haven't commented since I stopped blogging four years ago.

August 28 is the feast of St Augustine, who said, "our hearts are restless, o God, until they rest in you."

Also, poop.

Anonymous said...

Take a pic of a 3 day turd and post it. They always work.

Dr Zibbs said...

Yeah I know that feeling. And it sucks.

Heff said...

I've written songs, designed things I'm going to build, and competed in a Decathalon all whilst perched on my terlet.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gorilla: Yessir. Cured that shit instantly. I think I need another.

Joe: Thanks so much for reading all these years. That warms my "heart."

Bama: I'm not sure I can keep a turd around for three days . . .

Zibbs: As doctors, maybe we can prescribe each other some stuff.

Heff: Yes. You do get some interesting things done. I miss your blog, homey!!

Radioactive Tori said...

I was feeling down the other day for no reason but then today I had surgery and am on pain medicine. I think running is probably a better choice but pain medicine is working for me right now. Plus now I feel crappy but am supposed to feel bad so just knowing why I'm not in a good place and that I have an excuse makes me feel better than when I was down for no reason.

LSD sounds very cool. You'll have to post a picture of the coasters she ends up making!

Henrietta Collins said...

when i am down, i find nothing cures what ails me faster than a few grams of cocaine and a couple of dirty whores.

then i actually have something to feel down about, and that makes me feel much better.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Tori: Pain meds can really do the trick. They make you very carefree. I will try to get pics of those coasters for sure.

Victoria: That is sound advice for all the kids out there. Much love!