Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Not at All Gay Sushi Night

Bobby Choo-Choo texted me last night and said he had a Groupon for Sushi at a place near both our apartments that expired that very night, so he asked if I wanted to go with him.  We picked up a bottle of wine and a couple of Japanese beers and walked over.

When we came in, the place was packed full of coupon procrastinators, so we took the one table left.  The Chicago Bulls game was on, so the hostess asked if both of us wanted to sit on the side facing the television.  We both thought that would look . . . funny, so Choo-Choo conceded that spot to me since he is more of a Boston fan and not big on the NBA.

Looking over the menu, the option that made the most sense was to get a "boat" of various sushi for a set and very reasonable price.  Of the three boats, of course the "Love Boat" was the best option.  When we ordered, Choo-choo asked in his thick Asian/Boston accent, "The Love Boat isn't 'hawt-shaped, is it?"
Behold!  The Gayflower

Turns out it was shaped like a regular old big boat, like the Mayflower, and it was full of delicious sushi.  Conversation included Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, an upcoming bachelor party we are attending, 1980's thrash metal, and nothing at all gay.  I swear.

Do any of you men have much experience dining with other men or know two men who do?


Anonymous said... Being a headbanger, we would just grab some "meat" in the form of a burger, or just dope, whiskey and a bag of Doritos.

JerseySjov said...

My guy friends would often go out for "man meals". Typically to Denny's but sometimes just in the school cafeteria. What they discussed will remain a mystery to me

Dr Zibbs said...


Urbanist Chic said...

Sounds like a nice night out between two completely heterosexual men. I think it's perfectly OK to have a man date night. Women do it all the time and I am a firm believer in social equality. I also believe I would kick choo-choo in the nuts if he made a move on Dr. Noisewater.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Bama: Not so metal. Kind of like when Ozzy and Kerry King go out now that they're old and fat.

Jov: If we did that meal at Denny's, we would have to have most of the conversation at neighboring shitters.

Zibbs: Best one-word comment I have had in quite some time.

Urbanist: Choo-Choo made no moves at all, which is good because he knows ju jitsu. Could have choked me out and went to town on me if he wanted.

Radioactive Tori said...

I think since women do this all the time it is totally fine for me also. I am laughing thinking about when I was pregnant the first time and my BFF and I went somewhere and the guy waiting on us totally thought we were a couple.

Radioactive Tori said...

men, not me

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Tori: Yes! You never assume people are a couple like that. Can't we just be two fellas enjoying some sushi and heavy metal conversation?