Monday, July 01, 2013

Satanic Guilty Pleasures

I have a guilty pleasure in music right now, and it's such weird music that I don't tell many people about it.  In fact, I don't even listen to it around other people because I know they will hate it, and then I can't enjoy it because all I can think about is them hating it (that ever happen to you?)  The band is the early to mid 1980's Danish heavy metal band called Mercyful Fate.  Their lead singer, King Diamond, who would later go onto a successful solo career, has an incredible vocal range the can slip from a growl to a high pitched scream from note-to-note.  Yet, whatever tone he goes with, the subject matter largely remains the same: Satan.  This is what would eventually split the band up because the other guys, who were fairly accomplished musicians, wanted a little more diversity in the material.  I guess they though two albums full of music about Lucifer about covered it.  

It's a little weird when I'm in the car and a goofy high registered scream of "all hail Satan" is bellowing out of the window.  And even stranger when I'm singing along.  But I just can't get enough of this shit.

I feel like I know you guys well enough that I can share just about anything with you, so here is King Diamond and the rest of Mercyful Fate rocking one of my favorites.  I know.  I'm nuts.  But you have to have a guilty pleasure too, right?  Feel free to leave a comment with some of the crap you listen to when no one's around.  If you dare.


The Grand Wave said...

Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter 2. One of the best rap albums of the early 2000's. Somewhat embarassing to listen to as a 27 year old white kid in a pickup truck in Houston.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Grand: Crank that Weezy up! Happy 4th of July, ol' buddy.