Sunday, February 08, 2015

Mrs. Noisewater and I went to Costco yesterday after the gym, and all the free samples in the world couldn't stave off our hunger upon finishing shopping.  We needed to eat instantly.  I told her that the Vienna Beef hot dog factory was up the road, and I was pretty sure you could eat there.  Turns out you can, and it's pretty awesome.  It's also the cafeteria for the people who work there, so there are coffee machines and things there too.  Mrs. Noisewater had her first Chicago dog, and I had a pastrami and roast beef sandwich on an onion roll.  We split an order of tater tots with a cup of cheese sauce.  It's a bummer this place is relocating to the South Side far away from us, but I'm glad we got a chance to get in there before that happens.

Open for business. 
While we were enjoying our meal, two Black ladies came in and the one was ordering in a most unusual manner.  She would say each part of her order and end with a "por favor," pronounced like asking someone a favor.  I guess it was nice of her to try to speak a little of the staff's native language, but is it possible she has only seen the words in print and had no idea how to say it correctly?

"One Chicago dog . . . por favor."

"With no tomatoes . . . por favor."

"And sport peppers . . . por favor."

A couple of middle aged white women were in there too talking about a guy they know who has a wife who cheats on him left and right,
but he won't do the same because of his Christian beliefs.
"Go F' yourself, por favor."
Then this guy who looked just like Gene Hackman was in there lecturing the young ladies on how you can never put ketchup on a hot dog.

God, I love Chicago.


Andrew said...

Thank you for blogging, por favor.

Kenneth Noisewater said...

You got it, buddy. We are ripping it up! Three a week for each of us, even if you and I are the only ones reading each others blogs. Whatever. It's good for us. Keep it up!

Cocaine Princess said...

Personally I don't like ketchup on my hotdogs either. I prefer it plain or smothered in hot pepper rings. However I love ketchup on my fries!

Kenneth Noisewater said...

Coke: I can do ketchup on just about anything. I don't hate on anyone's hot dog preferences. Use damn peanut butter if you like. The doctor does not discriminate people's condiment choices.