Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dilf With Baby on Board

My girlfriend has a park across from her apartment, which is great for looking out to see what people are wearing to see what to wear, but it's also great for people watching in general. She told me that she had been seeing a rash of DILFs (Dads I'd Like to . . . Fornicate). We then got in a discussion about dads and baby slings. I want to know what my Seven Readers think.

Is a man more or less hot if he's wearing one of those?

Would you ever wear one?

Can a man be hot if he's wearing a baby sling AND jean shorts? How about a baby sling and Zubaz?


JerseySjov said...

babies make men hotter. probably because seeing a baby makes our estrogen go wonky.
the baby backpack-in-the-front thing is way hotter than a baby sling.

all bets are off [in a good way] if jean shorts are involved. especially if they're cut-offs with lots of white jeans string hangin off, purrrrrr.

radioactive girl said...

Men with a babies or puppies are always more hot than without. I am not crazy about the sling, but the baby backpck is very hot. Jean shorts are not my favorite and those zubaz remind me of a high school boyfriend who wore them all the damn time. I have to say though that any guy I see being kind to and happy around kids automatically goes higher on the hotness scale. My one doctor is super sweet to my son which makes him just about the hottest guy ever...doctor, kind to kids...what more could I ask for. I mean if I was't married and all.

Heff said...

"The Sling" is for pussies. Real men grab their babies by the feet, and sling 'em over their shoulder.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Jov: All interesting points, but you didn't weigh in on the Zubaz.

Radio: He had multiple pairs of Zubaz? You must tell us what colors he had, what sports teams they represented . . .

Heff: Hahahha! Yes! Real men do not fear shaken' baby syndrome.

JerseySjov said...

zubaz are a bit before my time, but from what i know of them i feel as though i should be afraid of them

Jenni said...

Zubaz a.k.a. "Boner Pants." You could see EVERYTHING that was going on under those wild printed sons of satan.

I'm partial to the whole men with babies thing. It all depends on the man and whether or not he's covered in barf.

BeckEye said...

Jean shorts, yes. Maybe.
Zubaz, never.
Baby sling, it depends on how DILF-y that particular DILF is.

I like a guy pushing a stroller, myself.

The Charming Hedonist said...

Baby sling, no. Jean shorts, no. Zubaz pants? Maybe.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Jov: Fear not the Zubaz. They can save your life some day.

Jenni: Wait, so if he's covered in barf, does that make him hotter? Kinky . . .

Beck: A strolla' pusha', eh? Old school.

Charm: According to Jenni, those Zubaz highlight a man's junk, so that's reason enough to at least give them a maybe.

Zen Wizard said...

You could pull some major tail just renting a baby, and wearing one of those to a Barnes & Noble.

(Wait--is renting a baby legal? Note to self: Check with Legal on that...)

Anyway, wearing a live baby as an accessory just screams, "Look bitch: My little guys can SWIM!" Way more than, say, a T-shirt that says, "Air Supply: World Tour 1982."