Thursday, January 06, 2011

Spaceship School

The other night I had this dream where I was going on a job interview at a place where my friend works, and to my surprise, the school was on a spaceship; I guess she hadn't mentioned this. Before the interview, I had to get changed, but I couldn't find anywhere to get privacy. I got caught like three times in various stages of undress trying to put my suit on. As it turns out, I was dressed all wrong when I met the boss because he was dressed in a tight-fitting short sleeved body suit, almost like a superhero, and he had ripped muscles everywhere and was ridiculously good looking.

He put me right to work to test out how I could keep up with their computerized spaceship stuff, and I just couldn't keep up. The superhero boss guy came over to me, and I admitted that I just didn't understand these wacky touch screen stations that they were using.

So, the implications?

Well, the getting caught naked is always an inadequacy thing. The not being able to do the job right, yeah, inadequacy. Oh, and the guy being ripped in SCUBA gear, yeah, you guessed it . . . No! Not latent homosexuality! Inadequacy again.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Are you sure it wasn't an audition for the next Star Trek series? You could have applied for the part of a 21st century holodeck guy who hangs out in bars and seduces the female crew members. Not all women like muscles.

radioactive girl said...

I just wrote about some wacky dreams I had recently. Probably lack of control is what I'm feeling.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gorilla: That totally would be my role on that show. The Intergalactic Skirt Chaser. As for the muscles thing, you're right. Okay, I gotta go to the gym now and get my swell on.

Radio: Yes. Lack of control is a VERY common theme in my dreams. Hey, thanks again for the brownies!!