Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I'm halfway, okay, maybe a third-way, through a short story, and I just had to get a break from it and update the old blog. I'll probably post the finished product on here tomorrow.

I'm in the Starbucks, and some woman came in here with the two nuttiest little boys ever, like 2 and 3 years old respectively. She went to the counter and let them terrorize the place, begging for some of the orange soda from the guy across from me and then reaching for my hot coffee. I told them, "No, boys. That's hot." The guy across from me was laughing and smiling and so was I. The mom at the counter didn't even turn around to see what her kids were doing.

Then she sat right by us, and there was something really off about these kids but more in the parenting. She kept saying please when asking them to do things, and it was with this nicey-nice tone. I'm critical of shitty parents in public places, which probably means I'll be worse at it than all of them some day, bribing my kids with cookies like this lady.

In other news, I'm reading "Rules of Attraction" by Bret Easton Ellis, and it's outstanding. Anyone ever read it? It sort of inspired the idea for this short story, the notion that people are always falling for the wrong people.

Also, tomorrow I'm going to a Chicago Cubs game with HLP, James Douglas, and Captain Jack. You know what's funny? I recently had someone tell me that she wanted to get into the blog and get a blog nickname. Anyone else have people requesting that?

Also, I'm not quite ready for this marathon in a couple months, but I may be filling in for LSD in a half-marathon this weekend. My workouts inspired this Facebook update:

Lately, when I work out, I need heavy metal, and when I work out a lot, I eat healthier, buying and enjoying more produce. As a result, I'm going through a simultaneous heavy metal and produce revolution. I call it: Megadeth and Mangos.

I think that the eating healthy thing is great, but the metal thing is really strange because I haven't been this into metal since I was in high school, over 15 years ago. No other type of music can push me in the way that a good and heavy song can. I need that aggressive pace and angry vocals to help me wince through the pain. The ultimate band for this is called Kyuss, and if you haven't heard of them, go buy either "Blues for the Red Sun," "Welcome To Sky Valley," or "And the Circus Leaves Town," all of which are perfect heavy records, not necessarily metal, but heavy, sludgy, progressive, and addictive.

Okay, I'm going to finish this book, hang out with LSD for a bit, and then when she meets some friends for a drink, I'll try to finish this story. Take it easy, Seven Readers.


Gorilla Bananas said...

She wanted to get into the blog? I'm not sure what that means. Anyone can get into the blog unless it's restricted to a private readership.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Gorilla: No, she wants to be a subject of a blog and get a nickname on here. I actually said to her, "How many times have we had drinks at the bar together? Well, I think you have your answer why you haven't showed up in the blog."

It's true that many blogs are born out of nights out at the bar, right? That's when the nuttiest stuff happens.

Heff said...

People just don't beat the shit out of their kids properly these days.

I don't write STORIES really, but sometimes I'll put pen to a stupid vid clip.....


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Heff: Yes. Proper beatings. Just kidding. I'm on my way to check out your vid, old friend!

Andrew said...

I hate kids in public. When I see them acting like that, I don't smile. I glare at them so they leave me alone. I want them & their parents to know that not everyone finds their crap funny or cute.

They probably just think I'm a curmudgeon.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Kids screwing around can be funny too, but parents who don't know what they're doing is never cute.