Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I did a post a while back about Every Block, and here is another one that illustrates just as well how snooty the citizens can be in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. 

Here is what the lady took the time to complain about:
Man pees in Jonquil Park

My husband was at Jonquil Park today around 3pm with our 10 month old son. A black male in his mid 40's entered the gated area and in front of my husband and son peed. He was wearing black pants, a black jacket, a bright orange hat and carrying two backpacks one of them camouflage. My husband just scooped up our son and got him out of there. The guy was gone then and he did not call the police. I told him he should have. Makes me sick. My son loves to crawl around the park :(

Some responses were in supportive of her, most actually, but this guy is my brand of smart ass:

jdaviped Lakeview resident since 07/2010
What a shame. I understand the local rats have been refraining from relieving themselves in that park, knowing that children crawl around on the ground. If the rats catch wind that a human urinated in there -- and believe me, it's a matter of when, not if -- you can kiss the previously-pristine ground good-bye.


Radioactive Tori said...

People sure like to complain about things that don't really matter.

Anonymous said...

Walk over. Chop dick off. Done. Merry Christmas.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Radio: Yes. They do it all the time on this site, but this lady was particularly stupid.

Bama: That would stop him for pissing. Ever again! At least standing up pissing . . .