Monday, December 17, 2012

I Need a Little Help With Some Research

When you are standing at a bar, not sitting, but bellied up to the bar, how annoyed are you when there is no foot rest put one foot upon?  Three out of three men were extremely pissed off on Saturday night when the hipster bar we were at didn't have the God damn bar step.  Another guy couldn't believe he had to ask the staff to turn off the flipping Fred Estaire movie and put the Chicago Bulls game on, but that is another story.  One of the three actually said that his back will probably be hurting the next day for not having that all important-step to lean into and make everything okay.

How do you not have on of those things, for crying out loud?
 Thanks so much for leaving your thoughts on this matter in the comments.  With your help, I can make this an epic research project, maybe even get it published if I can get extensive research with 9 or 10 bloggers/drinkers polled.


Anonymous said...

I must say that I don't think I have ever been to a bar that didn't have one. Eve Heff's Bar and Grill had one and that place is a sleeze bar if there ever was one.

Heff said...

Thank you, TravAss - I'll take it from here.

As an experienced bar designer/builder - BOYCOTT THAT BAR. The "Brass Foot Rail" is (if NOTHING else) one of the most aesthetically pleasing parts of a bar, especially if the bar was finished in a dark stain, as was mine.

Proper brass foot rail height is NO MORE than 1 ft. I pray that you bastard's backs will heal from this
horribly trying experience, so you will live to drink another day.

Again - BOYCOTT THAT BAR until further notice. Brass footrail can be purchased and installed for between $ 500 and $ 1000 dollars depending on the length/width of the bar, and God Damnit, AREN'T YOU FUCKERS WORTH THAT ?!?!?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Bama and Heff: I support this boycott. Never again. This was a 40th b-day surprise party, so I had to partake.

My back still hurts. More booze will be good for that . . .

Cocaine Princess said...

RE: "My back still hurts. More booze will be good for that."

Booze does a body good!

jame douglas morrison said...

Mo has some major back issues still, really annoying about that place. At least they let us cheer on bellissima

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Cocaine: That made it all better, but then my back ache switched to a headache the next day, mysteriously.

JDM: Bellissima!!!!! Love it. Give the lady a back rub. And a foot stool.