Monday, July 20, 2020

Filling the Void

During Covid if you want to go to the zoo you have to book a time online, social distance, wear masks, and all that good stuff. The time we chose was Saturday around 10AM when it was 106F heat index. We slathered ourselves and the kids in sun screen, drank lots of water, drank a couple beers, ate some ice cream, saw some animals, saw some animatronic dinosaurs, and went back to the car right about the time we were pretty sure we might melt like at the end of Indiana Jones

As we were strapping the kids into their seats and putting the stroller in the trunk I said to my Mrs. Noisewater, "Well, wet did it. Got it done." That is what life is kind of about when you have kids. There is very little, "Holy crap! That was so much fun!" It becomes, "We booked the day to do the zoo. We completed the zoo. I think the kids had fun. It's over. Mission accomplished. We passed the time."

This is a dangerous trend. Pretty soon all you're doing is passing more time, getting through more stuff, and then you're 135-years-old (I eat my vitamins) and you're wondering where all the good times were. I think the trick is having fun with your kids, laughing with them. I was doing armpit farts and watching my 3-year-old laugh tonight, and it was pretty great. That is a free activity where he laughs and I laugh. 

What do you think, readers? You ever get in a rut where you're just filling the time and forget to find the joy in life? 


PipeTobacco said...

Haha! I remember that feeling when we would take the kids when they were young on an adventure. The feelings you expressed are very normal at the end of the day when you have so many responsibilities as parents of young kids. I would wager though that after a day or two to recuperate, you will also recall the FUN you undoubtably had too.... and most of the “task” oriented feelings will dissipate away.

I do worry though about feeling in a rut at times.... I tend to like routine.... but I know I need to keep pushing myself, because too much routine can make me feel like I am just being a robot in life.

Surprisingly, I tend to not feel particularly SORE following my 1/2 Marathon length run... I do feel TIRED a bit for the day.... but that tiredness actually feels good... in that I was able to show myself that I can be damned determined to do something that is hard for me, an old codger.... something I never imagined I would do when I was younger.


Mistress Maddie said...

You know it's a good time by all when someone is preforming airpit farts. How can you not laugh?!?!? Farts are funny whether real or fake I find. Unless of course they completely backfire so speak.

I try to enjoy as much of life daily as I can. It may be a short trip so enjoy it. Hence my blog slogan.."LIVE LIVE!!!! Life's a banquet, and some sorry sons of bitches are staving."

LL Cool Joe said...

And before you know it, you have Granddkids and the cycle starts again. Then you die.You need to make sure you have fun along the way.

Mr. Shife said...

I totally get it. It is certainly easy to wish your time away especially when you have young kids because you want them to go to bed so you can do some adult stuff. But you, Dr. Ken, are doing it the right way by having a good time and making memories with your kiddos.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Pipe: Codger is a great word. And you have wise words here that I can think about. I think I really do enjoy all the time once I can settle down and reflect after they have gone to bed.

Mistress: That's true. You're one cat who certainly seems to have a good time. You could be a guru. A fun times guru.

LL: Yeah I feel like I skipped right to grandpa sometimes. HAHA

Shife: Yes, it's a good life, buddy. You get it.